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2013 Massey Ferguson MF 5610

The MF 5600 Series offers uncompromised power and performance thanks to a new 3-cylinder, common rail engine. This engine technology ensures optimum fuel efficiency, uninhibited power and reliability.

This is an engine with impressive capabilities. It is unbelievably quiet, smooth and compact but packs endless torque and power. Highly efficient with minimal exhaust emissions, the AGCO POWER engine is now the first choice for more and more farmers around the world.
The three-cylinder common rail engines specified on the MF 5600 Series are extremely compact  in design, allowing the fuel tank capacity to be maximised for prolonged working hours. However,  this “rightsizing” doesn’t take anything away from the performance; it’s packed with torque and  raw power, it’s reliable and it meets stringent Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Working closely with AGCO POWER, Massey Ferguson engineers have worked hard to refine the efficiency of common rail diesel engine technology to meet the specific needs of these purposebuilt tractors. By calculating precisely the amount of fuel required by the engine at any given  moment, the system ensures optimum combustion in the cylinders. Giving you a cleaner, more powerful and reliable engine.
The system within the engine that ensures emissions reduction is completely maintenance free.  A diesel oxidation catalyser (DOC) is used and is a flow-through system so no clogging will occur. Exhaust gases cross through the catalyser which oxidizes the carbon monoxide, gaseous hydrocarbons and unburned fuel and oil, therefore reducing harmful emissions. The efficiency of the DOC gives optimum engine performance in all applications. The DOC is positioned neatly out of the way and does not impede access to other areas of the tractor.

Dyna-4 – The right choice

Dyna-4 transmission is reassuringly simple to operate and control with the unique Massey Ferguson Power Control Lever mounted on the left-hand side of the steering column and the transmission control lever on the right-hand console. All functions of the transmission can be controlled easily without needing to depress the clutch pedal. All information on range selection and powershift ratios can be found on the dashboard. To ensure smooth progress, Speedmatching is specified as standard to ensure that the most appropriate powershift ratio is automatically selected when range changes are made.

Freedom to work efficiently
MF 5600 cab has all the fundamental elements that you need every day. Good cab design should always include space, comfort, visibility and ergonomics ensuring a more relaxing and productive driver environment. Vision is excellent thanks to the hi-visibility bonnet design and a wide expanse of curved glass allowing an unrestricted view; a must in loader operations.
The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of  this quality. Every part of this cab has been designed to reduce fatigue, ensure added comfort and boost productivity.
• Low noise levels allows you to work in quiet comfort
• Slim dashboard for maximum forward visibility
• Ergonomic layout of both dashboard information and controls
• Mechanical and pneumatic seats available
• Instructor seat and storage box
• The cab design ensures wide opening doors
• In-cab heating and cooling plus optional air conditioning
• Safe and easy to use cab steps with a self-cleaning design are fully adjustable
• Choice of two cab positions – standard or low position
• Choice of roofs – Standard, Slimline and Visio
• Enhanced levels of comfort with optional mechanical cab suspension

 Length  167.5 in. (4,253 mm)
 Height  108.5 in. (2,755 mm) over cab
 Width  79.3 in. (2,013 mm) min. at fenders
 Weight  2WD: 7,826 lbs. (3,550 kg)
4WD: 8,378 lbs. (3,800 kg)
 Wheelbase  97.1 in. (2,467 mm)
 Engine Make  AGCO Power
 Engine Model  33 AWI HD
 Net Horsepower  100 hp (75 kW)
 Displacement  3.3 L (201 cid)
 Cylinders  3
 Injection  Common rail direct injection
 Aspiration  Turbocharged
 Cooling  Intercooled
 Fuel Type  Diesel
 Fuel Tank Capacity  42 gal. (160 l)
 Transmission  Dyna-4™ with speed matching
 Transmission Type  4-ranges, multi-function Power Shuttle
 Number of Speeds  4 gears, 4 ranges, 16 total speeds
 Axles  4WD Front: Center drive with planetary reduction with electro hydraulic drive engagement
 Brakes  Independent, internal wet multi-disc brakes
 Steering  Adjustable
 Hydraulic System  Open center with 2 standard, up to 4 available rear remote valves
 Standard Pump Flow  15 gpm (57 lpm)
 Cab  6-post cab, twin doors, flat deck
 Seat Adjustment  Mechanical or air suspended
 Lift Capacity  7,100 lbs. (3,220 kg) at 24 in.
 Power Take-Off  Independent, electronically engaged
 PTO Horsepower  75 hp (56 kW) @ 2200 rpm
 PTO Speed  540 / 540e / 1,000
 Hitch  3-point Hitch: II
 Hitch Stabilizers  Electronic linkage control with lower link draft sensing

(Based on – http://int.massey-ferguson.com/documents/tractors/MF5600_EN.pdf)

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