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5 Reasons to Upgrade Technology

1.  Easy to use.  Many times, machinery you already own is rendered easier to use by utilizing new technology, with auto steer being one such example..

2. Reduction in downtime.  You might not realize that using new technology can reduce your downtime.  Newer systems lower the likelihood that your electronics will cause downtime and usually provide faster means of getting remote support.  Some technologies even reduce machinery downtime too.  For instance, using sprayers and planters with foam markers use up valuable time in the field when they aren’t working properly; using auto steer or guidance can lessen or even eliminate altogether this time-wasting process.

3. Compatibility.  Using new technology allows you to capture data from systems in combines, tractors, and sprayers, whose older systems are often not compatible with newer models.

4. Efficiency. The efficiency of your operation is significantly impacted by technology.  Using current technology can increase your efficiency with remote file transfer and support.  Auto steer and automatic shutoff on your sprayer and planter will further increase the efficiency of your machinery in the field.

5. Return on Investment. According to Gittins, technology provides the quickest return on investment over any other purchase for the operations of a farm.  Nearly every technology tool you could implement will provide you with increases in yield, cost savings, or both.

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