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Adopting Agricultural GIS Software

Agricultural GIS (Geographic Information System) software provides the capability to download, store, and analyze spatial data plus generate various field and prescription maps. GIS data and maps can be used in creating management zones or grids, variable-rate application, planting decisions, along with many others. Farmers are able to produce detailed harvest reports, determine production trends and associated costs or profits, and compare production capabilities of different varieties and crop inputs. Ag GIS software also serves as valuable accounting, record-keeping, and a decision support tool to turn data into farm knowledge.

 Understand and address field variability
 Ability to improve efficiency of inputs and maximize production by implement site-specific management
 Data analysis across multiple years
 Generate reports, yield maps, as-applied maps, prescription maps, and profit maps.

Is it worth investing?
Yes. Based on prescription maps, You can see up to 50% savings using variable-rate lime application versus blanket application and 16-18% savings on variable-rate N. Over time, some fields have become more uniform and so You adding zones to see if we are limiting yourselves on the higher yielding areas.
Advice to Others:
Save and keep data on everything! Good record keeping is essential to a successful farming operation. You must know your cost of operation to make informed cropping decisions.

(Source – http://www.aces.edu/anr/precisionag/documents/AgGIS.pdf)



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