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Agricultural Innovations 2014

1. High-speed planting

With the introduction of high-speed planters and multi-hybrid planting, planters have made a huge leap forward in 2014. Technology fromJohn Deere and Precision Planting, shown at the left, removes the 5 mph planting speed limit and pushes the throttle forward to 10 mph.

2. Multi-hybrid planting

Planting is arguably one of the most critical farming operations, contributing the most to your bottom line. The ability to plant two hybrids at the same time will allow you to maximize the yield potential on every acre of your farm. New row units from Kinze and Precision Plantingmake it possible to do this for the first time.

3. Smart Seeder

Another new product that will help to maximize yield in varying field conditions is the Clean Seed CX6 Smart Seeder. The drill’s unique variable-rate delivery system can apply different rates of six products from each opener, allowing you to place the right amount of fertilizer and seed on every square foot of the field. The CX6 Smart Seeder achieves this level of variability by using six individual electric motors on each pod

4. Multichannel sprayer

To make tedious plot spraying easier, Clemson University developed a multichannel sprayer that is capable of applying 24 different chemicals in a given field location. While it’s only for test plots at this point, the technology could be adapted to commercial farming with 10-section, 100-foot booms that would allow variable-rate, site-specific zone applications of chemicals.

5. On-board air inflation

I’m cheating a bit on this one. On-board air inflation systems aren’t new, in fact they’ve been in Europe for 20 years, but they are rarely used in the states. These systems allow you to pump up or deflate tires on the go, reducing compaction and increasing field productivity. They are primarily offered as aftermarket items, like this Precision Inflationsystem, but down the road expect to see this as an OEM option.

6. Sportsman Ace

There have been a lot of great ATV and UTV innovations, with equally awesome test drives, but the one machine introduced that is truly unique is the Polaris Sportsman Ace. The vehicle’s architecture is new to the industry and features a sit-in chassis that is nimble and comfortable to operate. To some extents this may not be as practical for the farm as a hardworking side-by-side, but it gets bonus points for innovation

7. Peterbilt SuperTruck

Most semitrailer trucks average from 5.5 to 6.5 mpg, maybe less than that if you’re running a much older model. This year Cummins and Peterbilt Motors Company developed the SuperTruck, which achieves 10 mpg when fully loaded through a combination of engine advances and aerodynamics. The increase in fuel economy would save about $27,000 annually for a truck traveling 120,000 miles per year.

9. HydraCushion Suspension

At a press event, a new 9R John Deere tractor hauled a 170,000-pound dump truck across a lot with loose soil. The tractor struggled for traction and experienced power hop. The operator activated the HydraCushion Suspension system, the only front-axle suspension system in four-wheel drive tractors, and the tractor quit struggling and pulled smoothly across the field. It was an impressive display of the system.

10. Tires Meet Tracks

For the first time, you can have a factory-installed tractor with front tires and rear tracks, giving you the maneuverability benefits of a wheeled machine with the flotation perks of a tracked model. New Holland’s version, the SmartTrax, is available in three models with three track sizes. The Case IH Magnum Rowtrac is available in two models with four track widths.

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