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Agrotron L 720

Tractors in the 200 HP class have to be robust, powerful, and above  all, economical. Agrotron L 720 features a state-of-the-art 7.2-liter common-rail diesel engine from DEUTZ (220 HP (162 kW)) mated to a new 18-speed power-shift transmission and a hydraulic  power shuttle. Another highlight is the electronic parking brake,  which makes operation much easier and is the first of its kind to be  installed in a tractor. also used in cars, the system is maintenanceand wear-free and thus improves overall durability.
The cab was also redesigned to facilitate working in difficult  conditions. The lower portion of the windshield, for example, is  double glazed which, in conjunction with new insulating materials  in the floor, lowers noise levels in the cab by 3 db/A.
The 18-speed Power-shift transmission with two electrohydraulically- operated gear ranges, makes it very easy to shift gears. A total of 27 forward and reverse gears (including the  standard crawler gear group) ensure tight gearing for maximum  maneuverability. Power-shift stages are controlled automatically  (depending on the load) thanks to the new APS  system, which allows the driver to clutch or use the knob in the gearshift lever. This makes it possible to conveniently shift  through 18 gears.

Productivity can only be achieved with large working widths.  Equipped with an oversized lifting cylinder, the Agrotron L 720  can lift extremely heavy loads (up to 10 tons). This allows even  the heaviest implements to be transported safely. Four additional  remote valves (one electric, three mechanical) are included  as standard.

(Source – http://www.deutz-fahr.com/UNITEDKINGDOM/en-GB/agrotron_luk.html?identitytypecustomfields=DESCR_OVERVIEW&idproduct=59)

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