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How to Sow Cover Crops After Soybeans

soybean field1809

Any farmer who implements a successful cover crop rotation on their farm knows that perfect timing is vital. There are tips and tricks needed to ensure that the field transition from one crop to another is smooth and on time. ...

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Autonomy – Are We Really There Yet?


In this article, we’ll look at several exciting and much talked about topics in the agriculture technology arena. Perhaps you’ve already invested in an army of drones, or maybe you’re too wary of technology to give it responsibility of your ...

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Everything You Need to Master Precision Agriculture


The definition of precision agriculture is fairly simple: using precision data about your farm to make changes that will optimise yield improvement while reducing waste and preserving resources. So why is it so difficult to get started in? There are ...

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5 Ways to Improve Wheat Yield and Quality

Wheat (1)

Did you know that a family of four could live off of the bread produced from 1 acre of wheat for 10 whole years? Wheat is incredibly important for the production of many foods we eat daily around the world, ...

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Precision farming via satellite imaging


Precision farming is set to become even more precise with a new camera drawing on satellite imaging. Thanks to research with ESA on new cameras, hyperspectral cameras flying on drones are now able to see details as small as 4–5 ...

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Guide to Growing Alfalfa


Although alfalfa most likely originated in the Near-East, it is a very important crop in many different countries around the world, with many farmers choosing this forage crop for their rotations. It has several uses beyond just being for human ...

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8 Ways to Improve Your Precision Farming


Time and time again we find ourselves repeating the same mantra. A farm using smarter technology is a more profitable farm.  But knowing where to begin and what technology to implement is often daunting, confusing and hard to budget for. ...

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Rethinking the planter unit


There’s nothing quite like a discussion with inventors and innovators enthusiastic about the work they’re doing. That happened recently in a call with two key players at Dawn Equipment – Joe Bassett and Rodney Arthur. And with their planter unit ...

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How to Improve Corn Harvest Efficiency


2016 saw record high yields and production of corn in the USA. A whopping 86.7 million acres of corn were harvested in total. These figures just back up the fact that corn is an essential crop in the US agriculture ...

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Drones – The Farm of the Future


Drones are taking the agricultural world by storm, and in a short space of time it will be a common sight to drive past a farm and see the fields being surveyed by drones. They will become commonplace farm machinery ...

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