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Best soybean management ideas

Five tips to take soybean management to the next level:

1.Start planting earlier. “Soybeans are all about sunlight,” Ben says. “We started the end of April, early May.” This was about two weeks earlier than normal, which meant, in many cases, they planted corn and soybeans at the same time.

2.Switch to a longer season soybean to maximize the entire growing season. More light and more time result in more leaves and pods to help increase yield.

3.Add nitrogen to soybeans. While soybeans can fixate their own nitrogen from the air, that alone isn’t enough to reach 100 bu. per acre. They added 100 lb. of foliar feed nitrogen to soybeans to give them a boost.

4.Be prepared for extra weed management. Letting yield-robbing weeds escape isn’t an option if you’re trying to increase yields. Be sure you add residual to your pre-emergent spray and scout to catch weeds early in a post application.

5.When scouting, keep an eye out for fungus and disease and be prepared to take action. They intended to apply fungicide twice on the 40-acre field, but weather prevented the second application.

(Source – http://www.agweb.com/article/tips-for-100-bushel-soybeans-NAA-sonja-begemann/)

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