Case IH proudly welcomes to its Efficient Power family the next generation of legendary Axial-Flow combines – the 5130, 6130, 7130, 7230, 8230, and 9230. The new Axial-Flow 30 Series combines meet Tier 4A emissions regulations while improving both performance and efficiency. With the industry’s largest lineup, including two Class 7 models, Case IH combines are designed to simplify harvest.

The new Axial-Flow 30 Series combines meet Tier 4A emissions regulations while improving both performance and efficiency. With the industry’s largest lineup, including two Class 7 models, Case IH combines are designed to simplify harvest.

“Case IH Axial-Flow combines have been continuously evolving for 35 years,” says Nate Weinkauf, Case IH Combine Marketing Manager. “Today they continue to set the industry standards for uptime, grain quality, and grain savings regardless of crop, field condition, or farm size.”

Efficient Power

The Axial-Flow 5130 features the proven Case IH FPT 6.7L engine, while the Axial-Flow 6130, 7130 and 7230 rely on the Case IH FPT 8.7L engine. A Case IH FPT 12.9L engine powers the new 8230 and 9230, delivering an additional 30 and 20 horsepower over previous models, respectively.

“Not only are our new engines more powerful, they are also more responsive and more fuel efficient,” adds Weinkauf.

To meet Tier 4A emissions, the Case IH FPT engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, which functions outside the combine engine, treating the exhaust post-combustion. Because the exhaust after-treatment is separated from the engine function, Case IH engines can be tuned to allow for complete diesel combustion, optimum performance, peak fluid efficiency and extended service intervals.

Case IH 30 Series combine engines offer, on average, a 10 percent fuel efficiency advantage over previous Tier 3 models. And, for even more fuel savings, model year 2012 Tier 4A combines offer automatic low idle speeds of 600 rpm.

Efficient Operation

The engines are only the beginning of Case IH efficiency boosting technologies. An upgraded unload system reduces unload time up to 40 percent over previous models. The 6130 and 7130 have faster unload rates from 3 to 3.2 bushels per second. The 7230 and 8230 boast an increased unload rate from 3.2 to 4 bushels per second, and the 9230 has an astonishing 4.5 bushel per second unload rate – a 1.3 second increase from the prior 9120 model.

In addition, an optional independent cross auger control, which is standard on the 9230, gives operators more flexibility during the unload process. The entire unload system has been enhanced with larger components, including a larger 17-inch vertical tube and a larger, high capacity unload elbow. For today’s largest headers – those 45 feet and larger – an optional 31-foot unload auger is now available. To further maximize uptime during unload, Axial‑Flow 30 Series combines feature powered grain tank extensions on the 7230, 8230 and 9230.

In addition, the Power Plus™ CVT drives on these models provide more power, less downtime, and unique in-field capabilities, like patented header to groundspeed control, ensuring smooth material flow from header to spreader.

Hallmark Grain Quality, Savings Continue

Smooth crop flow has been a hallmark of the simple Axial-Flow rotor for 35 years with its concentric rotor cage design, improving throughput, and putting more high quality grain in the tank.

“Case IH has been continuously improving the Axial-Flow AFX rotor, always setting the trend as a leader in harvesting,” says Weinkauf.

That leadership is driven by the Case IH customer-driven product design and intuitive, easy-to-set and adjust features. On the 7230, 8230, and 9230 models, the self-leveling grain pan, pre-sieve, upper and lower sieves, and cleaning fan provide maximum grain savings and efficiency. Adjustable electronic sieves come standard on every model.

Control and Comfort Beyond Expectations

The upgraded Case IH AFS® Pro 700 monitor with a larger, easy-to-read screen helps farmers monitor yield and provides machine and guidance control. Compatible with all Case IH high horsepower equipment, the AFS Pro700 can easily be transferred from the combine in the fall to a tractor and/or sprayer in the spring, maximizing your investment.

The Case IH AFS Pro 700 comes mounted in the largest and quietest cab on the market. In addition, the Axial-Flow multi-function handle controls many vital harvest functions, all while the operator’s arm stays in a comfortable resting position. Similar functions are grouped together on the control handle and multiple settings for different crops and conditions can be easily saved for future use. The combine functions at full capacity, without needing constant adjustment, reducing farmer fatigue at the end of the day.

“By introducing more powerful, more intuitive, and more efficient combines, Case IH is helping farmers be ready for whatever harvest may bring now and in the seasons to come,” says Weinkauf.

New Case IH 30 Series Combine Highlights:

  • Upgraded unload system that reduces unload time up to 40 percent over previous models
  • Case IH Axial-Flow 9230 has a 4.5 bushels-per-second  unload rate
  • SCR technology in the Tier 4 engine provides, on average, a 10 percent fuel efficiency improvement.
  • AFS Pro 700 monitor with a larger, easy-to-read screen
  • Optional 31-foot unload auger kit

The Case IH Efficient Power family includes Axial-Flow combines and Steiger, Magnum, Puma, and Maxxum series tractors as well as Patriot sprayers.

Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment, committed to collaborating with its customers to develop the most powerful, productive, reliable equipment – designed to meet today’s agricultural challenges. Challenges like feeding an expanding global population on less land, meeting ever-changing government regulations and managing input costs. With headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of dealers and distributors that operates in over 160 countries. Case IH provides agricultural equipment systems, flexible financial service offerings and parts and service support for professional farmers and commercial operators through a dedicated network of professional dealers and distributors. Productivity enhancing products include tractors; combines and harvesters; hay and forage equipment; tillage tools; planting and seeding systems; sprayers and applicators; site-specific farming tools and utility vehicles. Case IH is a brand of CNH (NYSE: CNH), a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat Industrial S.p.A. (FI.MI).

(Source – http://www.caseih.com/en_us/pressroom/news/pages/2011-08-25_case_ih_30_series_axial_flow_combines.aspx)

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