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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Rethinking the planter unit


There’s nothing quite like a discussion with inventors and innovators enthusiastic about the work they’re doing. That happened recently in a call with two key players at Dawn Equipment – Joe Bassett and Rodney Arthur. And with their planter unit ...

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How to Improve Corn Harvest Efficiency


2016 saw record high yields and production of corn in the USA. A whopping 86.7 million acres of corn were harvested in total. These figures just back up the fact that corn is an essential crop in the US agriculture ...

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Drones – The Farm of the Future


Drones are taking the agricultural world by storm, and in a short space of time it will be a common sight to drive past a farm and see the fields being surveyed by drones. They will become commonplace farm machinery ...

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What’s driving driverless tractors?


Driverless tractors are becoming less futuristic and more in reach for every day farmers. Companies developing driverless vehicles that rely on sensors, GPS and precise data include Goldman Sachs, Autonomous Solutions Inc., and Hitachi. But what problems are they really ...

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Till vs. No-Till


For thousands of years, farmers have prepped their fields for seed planting using the plow. This process known as tilling turns over the upper soil layer and brings nutrients to the surface, buries the previous years’ crop residue to later ...

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New tech tools for spring 2017


Wade Barnes remembers sitting at the kitchen table working with farmers to set plans and make decisions based on information collected in the early days of Farmers Edge. Over time, this high-tech startup has kept building on its program, and ...

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6 Habits of Top-Yielding No-Till Corn Growers

notill corn

1. They’ve been no-tilling longer. The top-third yielders — who hit an average yield of 209.5 bushels per acre, nearly 39 bushels higher than the overall study average of 170.8 — have been no-tilling longer than the average no-tiller. Just ...

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Piloting a new tech into the crop market


The biologicals market is booming, but there’s more going on in the crop product world on the score of boosting plant performance than simply biologicals. Plant Impact, a global compay, with offices in North Carolina, is bringing a new product ...

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Important Wheat Management Decisions


1. What are the real dangers of planting wheat after wheat? 2. Now that we have an excellent group of fungicides, can we get away with planting wheat after wheat? Response: We never recommend planting wheat after wheat or even ...

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Wide impacts for precision farming


Could introducing more precision agriculture in Europe allow us to obtain food resilience, while ensuring sustainability and jobs, and taking into account the EU’s wide agricultural diversity? (European Parliamentary Research Service) Precision agriculture (PA), or precision farming, involves using technology ...

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