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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

6 tips for establishing and managing forage


Management decisions when establishing forage for silage or hay harvest or livestock pasture should be considered carefully Farmers planning to establish forage stands for hay, silage or livestock pasture should understand seeding site, soil, forage variety and three more forage ...

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Drones as common as tractors? Farm technology in 2025


In a shed near Toowoomba, researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are developing the tools and techniques they think will dominate farming practice by 2025. The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment executive manager Kevin Norman said the University ...

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5 Actual Uses For Drones In Precision Agriculture Today


Having covered the ag retail industry and drones in precision agriculture for CropLife.com and PrecisionAg.com (shameless plug) over the past three years, I’ve heard a lot at this point on the subject of drone applications on the farm. From the ability ...

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Farming for profitability

precision agriculture

Precision ag systems can take your ability to analyze profits way past yesterday’s cost-revenue calculations. It’s been the mantra of agricultural economists, bankers and even agronomists for the past 20 years. “Know your cost of production.” At every podium at ...

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Tips for no-tilling into heavy corn residue


Often producers are concerned about no-tilling into fields with large amounts of residue. The residue needs to be properly spread behind the combine during harvest of the previous crop, preferably with a straw chopper and proper chaff distribution. Minimize any ...

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Residue Management Starts in the Fall

residue management

Residue management is more crucial than ever in no-till systems, and what happens at harvest can set the stage for seeding and planting chores in following seasons. The Canola Council of Canada shares these tips for improving residue management during ...

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Best soybean management ideas


Five tips to take soybean management to the next level: 1.Start planting earlier. “Soybeans are all about sunlight,” Ben says. “We started the end of April, early May.” This was about two weeks earlier than normal, which meant, in many ...

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4 Apps that Increase Irrigation Efficiency

smart irrigation

1. Pumping performance What’s the fastest way to eat through fuel during irrigation? Use an under performing pump. Now you can get an app to help correct that expensive problem. This is one of four different apps created by the ...

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Precision agriculture versus GMO’s

precision agriculture

It probably could be successfully argued that if genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s) had been named something else, their rising role in influencing what people want to eat and not eat would be less powerful and might not even exist. Yet, because ...

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Consider Tillage Wisely

fall tillage

Here are factors to consider before pulling the cultivator out of the bush or purchasing new or used tillage equipment: Clubroot. This serious canola disease spreads primarily with the movement of soil. Tillage speeds up the movement of clubroot spores throughout ...

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