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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Precision agriculture versus GMO’s

precision agriculture

It probably could be successfully argued that if genetically-modified organisms (GMO’s) had been named something else, their rising role in influencing what people want to eat and not eat would be less powerful and might not even exist. Yet, because ...

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Consider Tillage Wisely

fall tillage

Here are factors to consider before pulling the cultivator out of the bush or purchasing new or used tillage equipment: Clubroot. This serious canola disease spreads primarily with the movement of soil. Tillage speeds up the movement of clubroot spores throughout ...

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Drones and new applications for precision agriculture


On a recent summer morning on the plains of western Kansas, 50 farmers and new technologists gathered at the edge of a corn field to learn about using drones for farming. Sponsored by the Kansas Agriculture Research and Technology Association, ...

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And on that farm he had a drone: UAS deployment in precision agriculture


Unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS,” or more commonly, “drones”) have become a valuable agricultural decision-making tool on the 21st Century farm. American farmers increasingly look to the skies to improve their crops and operations. Understanding UAS regulations that apply and a ...

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Straight lines on yield maps are man-made

yield map

Hunters and soil scientists may seem like an odd pairing but they have at least one thing in common – they know and appreciate that nature has an aversion to straight lines. Hunters spend a lot of time in and ...

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Guiding strip-tillers to success with precision


As precision farming practices continue to infiltrate more farms overall, technology is an essential part of strip-tillers’ operations. Talking with farm equipment dealers, several have cited strip-till products as an emerging opportunity to complement sales of GPS systems and RTK ...

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Advanced Soil Sampling


Bringing precision accuracy to a critical task like soil sampling is the goal of Allan Baucom. The North Carolina farmer developed the Falcon Automated Soil Sampling system a year ago after being frustrated with the inherent inaccuracy of traditional methods. ...

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Farming faces ‘techie’ drought


A WAVE of technology is washing over the farming sector, but there’s a problem: an acute shortage of techies. That’s particularly problematic in the area of precision farming, where a technology arms race between machinery manufacturers and independent companies has ...

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4 Tips for Avoiding Compaction at Harvest


Harvest is underway in some parts of the country, and will soon begin for others. And while some regions are experiencing warm, dry conditions that are ideal for resolving severe compaction, if the opposite is true in your area and ...

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Tips You should check before harvesting


Stuff, which You should check before harvest: -calibrate automatic header height systems so that the header is talking correctly with the combine. -if you’re using auto-steer, make sure all your GPS satellite subscriptions are up to date. The frequencies for ...

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