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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Make Sure Bugs Don’t Become Insecticide-Resistant


After a few insect become resistant, it’s very hard to make sure that more and more resistant bugs don’t spread and the populations doesn’t grow. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure that insects don’t become insecticide-resistant. Tactics for pesticide management and ...

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Ten Tomato Tips


Summer gets hot, and tomato growers anticipate their bright red crop. However, many problems might arise while waiting. Some potential issue you can prepare for and try to prevent, others you can’t. But while waiting for your crop remember: 1.    ...

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Save the Environment While Saving Money: Use GPS for Farming!


It’s becoming the norm to have GPS as a tool on farming machines, so farmers can be as efficient as possible. Tradition and Tech Just outside of Washington, D.C., a farmer named Brad Eustace uses GPS guidance to make incredibly ...

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Six Types of Wheat


The majority of people think that all flours are the same, almost always made from wheat or from gluten-free sources like rice.  In reality, there is a wide variety of grains that can be ground with a home mill for ...

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Take Care of Common Problems (Like Weeds!) Using GPS Equipment


No farmer expects to ever have a field groomed to perfection. Sure, some plots of land might have great production every year, but there’s always room for improvement. Think about weeds: A field that is very productive still might have ...

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How to Write a Better Business Plan for Your Farm

Business Plan

No matter if you are creating a new business, expanding one you already run, contemplating significant changes for your business, needing more financing from a partner or from the bank, trying to get everyone to agree on a plan – ...

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The Three Best Tips for Agricultural Purchases


Farmers who want to be the CEOs of their own agricultural endeavors are getting expert advice from Danny Klinefelter, a management and finance guru affiliated with Texas A&M University. Here are his three best tips for buying agricultural equipment: 1. ...

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Six innovations revolutionising farming


1. Fertiliser deep placement  FDP is used by farmers throughout Niger, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria. Photograph: Image Broker/REX Historically, farmers in rural areas have applied fertilizer to their crops by hand. A new method of distributing fertilizer, Fertilizer Deep Placement ...

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Six Ways to Ensure Your Farm’s Profits


Don’t ever forget that your farm is a business, and any self-respecting business needs to keep good records. Noting expenditures and income could be what helps your farm survive. Take the opportunity of your spare time through the winter to ...

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What to Check Out on That Used Tractor You Want to Buy


Tires, Body, Appearance If it looks like a well-maintained tractor, it probably is a well-maintained tractor. Dents, bad paint, and bulging or cracked tires mean that a tractor was probably kept outside or misused. Bad tires could cost up to ...

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