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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Six Ways to Ensure Your Farm’s Profits


Don’t ever forget that your farm is a business, and any self-respecting business needs to keep good records. Noting expenditures and income could be what helps your farm survive. Take the opportunity of your spare time through the winter to ...

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What to Check Out on That Used Tractor You Want to Buy


Tires, Body, Appearance If it looks like a well-maintained tractor, it probably is a well-maintained tractor. Dents, bad paint, and bulging or cracked tires mean that a tractor was probably kept outside or misused. Bad tires could cost up to ...

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Scientific Advances on Tractor Technology Boost Farming Practices


Farming is becoming more scientific, with remote sensing, GPS, and data analytics all being added to farming equipment. Thousands of US farmers all over are adopting the new equipment to make their farming more precise. Car makers are still looking ...

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How to Strip-Till Successfully this Spring


Tips from manufactures to set up your rows right and apply fertilizer in the right areas and at the right depth. Last fall was very wet, making it hard for some farmers to build strips right after harvesting. Many farmers ...

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Answer to Worrying Questions for Corn Farmers This Year


Even though the weather was wonderful in most parts, there were several difficulties for corn farmers in 2014. For example, parts of Iowa experience heavy rain. There was a lot of disease. The price for crops fell and made 2014 ...

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What is Green Manure?


Green Manure’ doesn’t sound very pleasant but it does wonders for the health of the soil and subsequent plants. It is a crop that is grown mainly to benefit the soil rather than for food or ornament. The idea of ...

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Boost Profits by Saving on Fuel


Since diesel prices are getting higher, it’s now necessary to use fuel economically. Since the amount you spend on fuel is probably quite high, small shortcuts could mean big saving. A low-viscosity oil might be one way to save big, ...

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Soil Temperature And Its Importance


The soil layer of the earth is critical in maintaining plant life, offering mechanical support, and supplying water and nutrients. Soil functions as a major storage mechanism of heat, collecting energy throughout the day and releasing heat to the surface ...

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Humic Acid vs. Fertilizers


Many people are confused when it comes to Humic Acids.  Is it a fertilizer?  If not, what exactly is it? Humic Acids are best classified as a soil conditioner, making poor soils good and making good soils excellent.  These acids ...

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John Deere Updates 3E Series Compact Utility Tractor Line


Designed and built in Augusta, Ga., the 2015 John Deere 3032E and 3038Ecompact utility tractors feature customer-driven updates for added convenience, comfort and ease of use. The 3E Series models are practical for rural property owners, equine and small-scale livestock operations, landscape contractors and ...

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