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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Сorn farmers lead in adoption of precision agriculture


The largest U.S. corn farms (over 2,900 acres) lead in the adoption of precision agriculture, a partial reflection on the technology’s high price tag, says USDA. Up to 80% of those farms use auto steer and GPS mapping of yields, ...

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Solar tag promises to lower the barriew for adoption of precision agriculture, smart irrigation


Sol Chip Comm (SCC) is an ultra-compact, maintenance-free, solar-powered tag that powers, controls, and wirelessly connects a wide variety of sensors to the cloud. “With our LightBattery technology, Sol Chip is uniquely positioned to realize our vision of enabling billions ...

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Gathering and Reacting to Drone Data in Precision Agriculture

Drones Agriculture

Few people doubt the impact drones could have on the farm, partly because there are so many ways the technology can be leveraged. Whether it’s simple scouting or doing physical tasks like spraying a field, drones can represent an increase ...

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A autonomous tractor update


The hot spot at the fall farm shows was a visit to the Case IH and New Holland exhibits to see machines that had been outfitted for autonomous work. The idea of the driverless tractor gets a lot of attention, ...

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Understanding Precision Agriculture – Starting to Map Yield and Elevation Data


EVERY SINGLE FIELD has its own story to tell. And this story can be about the highly productive, organic matter-rich areas that supply high yields — and the droughty knolls that perform poorly every season. Knowing the full story of ...

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4 tips for improved farm data integrity


Farmers work hard to prep soil, plant the crop, tend the crop and harvest. For the row-crop farmer those are the basic chores that lead to success – with a lot of other details thrown in. And it’s those details ...

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3 Questions About Fall Herbicide Applications


Do you have questions about making the best decisions for fall herbicide applications? Amit Jhala might be able to help. Jhala, Extension weed management specialist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recently fielded three common questions around the topic in a ...

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Drones lead way in precision agriculture


Consider the technological possibilities in agricultural that lie just beyond the horizon. Fully autonomous farm equipment that seed and harvest crops under control from a distant laptop computer. Unmanned aerial drones that can monitor crops throughout their growth cycle and ...

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Growing UAS Precision Agriculture


A historic project involving precision ag experts, 1,000-pound UAVs flying at 8,000 feet and a group of farmers in the Red River Valley is making the role and promise of larger UAVs for commercial purposes clear. Sarah Lovas admits that ...

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12 findings from precision agriculture study


A study, Farm Profits and Adoption of Precision Agriculture, finds that precision agriculture adoption rates vary significantly, with larger farms more likely to adopt the technology. The study was conducted by USDA’s Economic Research Service using data from U.S. field ...

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