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Agriculture information and tips on the specific crops (wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean etc.) and regions (U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, India and other)

Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution for Agriculture


Key Features Industry-leading image acquisition quality and data accuracy All-terrain and all-weather performance Reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces Fully automated Trimble Access™ workflows for ease-of-use and safe operation Simple data processing with Trimble Business Center photogrammetry module Trimble ...

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Measuring tech ROI on the farm


Precision farming practices have been around for a long time. Yield monitors, grid soil sampling and variable-rate application of fertilizer were a few of the first types of precision agriculture products to be adopted beginning in the 1990s. But where ...

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Agricultural audit


Large agricultural companies always suffered from the lack of control over the operations on fields. There are more complication in counties where large agricultural holdings operate, LatAm, Russia, Ukraine and Australia. How can you get sufficient control over the operations ...

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iPad Application Aids Map-Based Crop Reporting


Providing the right amount of crop insurance coverage to customers at a fair price is a balancing act. If too many acres are reported, the customer pays too high a premium. If too few acres are reported, coverage is inadequate ...

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Micronutrients deficiencies and ways to manage them


  This article aims to clarify the factors that increase the risk of deficiency, the use of soil and tissue analysis and treatment options. It will be helpful: to prevent deficiencies occurring, improve areas of poor soil structure and maintain appropriate ...

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What drives interest in precision agriculture


In recent years, however, Carlson, precision ag agronomist with South Dakota State University, hasn’t always found fertile ground for his message. High crop prices and attractive profit margins reduced farmers’ incentive to invest in precision ag. “You could make a ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring: Vegetation Control


Now, agricultural sector shows raising numbers of M&A  transactions which are successful in terms of fundraising for  their  projects. It gives grounds for assuming that amount of the companies involved in agriculture would be reducing within the next few years, ...

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The Effect of Variable Rate Fertilizer Application


Use of variable rate fertilizer spreaders (VRS) is available to farmers in many areas of Kentucky. For use of VRS, a soil fertility map must be prepared for the field to be spread which requires subdividing the field into subunits. ...

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Space Profits


According to the agriculture market research provided by Ernst & Young, one third of Russian respondents put efficiency improvements on the second place of  their hierarchy of business priorities. Additionally, more than 90% of market players  agreed with the fact that ...

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Profitability of Variable Rate Fertilization


INTRODUCTION Grid soil sampling and variable rate fertilizer applications are a part of the precision agriculture movement that has captured the interest of many farmers. Variable rate fertilization requires extra expense and effort plus the use of often unfamiliar technology. ...

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