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Reviews on agriculture tractors, combine harvesters and machine tools

2016 Model Year Combine Preview

Two John Deere S-series on field

In the last five years, manufacturers had to devote much of their R&D dollars to redesigning engines that met Tier 4 emissions regulations. Now that most of that work done, machinery manufacturers can now focus time and dollars to other areas, combines being ...

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Combine tuning tips for soybean harvest

combine on soybean field

Proper combine settings and attention to detail during soybean harvest reduces harvest losses. Short soybeans are especially difficult to feed into the header and through the combine header because they are often podded lower to the ground, which increases the risk of ...

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Checking the Multiple Machines on Your Combine

John Deere combine

To start with, determine ground speed. Not all administrators are comfortable to running at the same pace. This depends altogether on the administrator and it has an effect on how the consolidate performs. Second: Remember that the machine you are ...

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How Tractors can be Helpful in Modern Agriculture and Farming

Tractors have been in use in the farms for years now. Tractors are helpful in streamlining the various agricultural duties. From ploughing to tilling the fields, modern types of tractors perform all the tasks. In addition, tractors can also be ...

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The Five Main Types of Agricultural Implements

Because crop cultivation and farming involve heavy labor and a variety of different processes, it would be nearly impossible to do so by hand. Machinery and tools have become a necessity for farming in this day and age. There is ...

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Ensure a Successful Harvest with a Combine Checkup

If you want to reduce your labor and machinery parts costs, keep your harvest as close to schedule as possible, and increase your yield per acre, make it a priority to conduct a detailed inspection of your combine prior to ...

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Tips for the right equipment selection

Making smart decisions about selecting and buying farm equipment can be tough — especially for small-scale farmers with unique needs. As part of the National AgrAbility Project at Purdue University, a webinar was held to help farmers make these decisions. ...

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In-Cab Computing for precision agriculture, customization and functionality

In terms of in-cab computing solutions for the agriculture market, companies like Case IH, Topcon, Trimble, John Deere and Raven spent the past 12 months mostly tweaking and adding capabilities to make their displays more modular, more automated and more ...

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John Deere enhances utility tractors with new models

John Deere’s new four-cylinder 5E and 5ML Series Tractors feature heavy-duty power and versatility for utility tractors of their size. The new four-cylinder 5E Series Tractors are built for a variety of applications such as livestock feeding, haying operations, roadside ...

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Tractor Tire Inflation

For maximum tractor performance in the field there are many variables to consider. Starting with the tractor horsepower and drawbar – or three point hitch (3PH) – capacity, the implement used and size along with required ballast and tire selection ...

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