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Here are given the recommendations on agriculture equipment applying. New agri devices description are presented.

Tips for Conventional and No-till Seedbed Establishment


You only get one chance to give a crop the right start, so it’s important to understand how previous tillage and crops impact seed’s access to soil. While crop residue breaks down to provide additional nutrients, it can also impede ...

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High-tech approach to aerial imagery


What if you could have an aerial image taken in the morning and have a full analysis available for download within 24 hours? Sound crazy? Not to Robert Morris, founder and head of TerrAvion, an aerial imaging business that recently ...

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Plastic bean-shaped sensors monitor crops for Precision Ag


The internet of beans Thumb-sized “plastic beans” are being filled with sensors and tossed into grain bins and storage facilities for precision agriculture, getting rid of the need for handheld devices or elaborate moisture monitoring systems, according to an article on Farm Journal’s AGWeb. ...

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5 Tech And Social Trends Poised To Transform Agriculture


While it may not seem readily apparent, farms are about to engage warp drive and rapidly approach light speed when it comes to how they operate. Emerging tools, new technologies and a changing workforce are driving changes across the landscape ...

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Autonomous wireless solar tag for precision agriculture


Sol Chip has introduced its Sol Chip Comm™ autonomous, wireless, solar tag for enabling precision agriculture and smart irrigation. The Sol Chip Comm (SCC) device is an ultra-compact, maintenance-free, solar-powered, wireless tag. SCC powers, controls and wirelessly connects a wide ...

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New French Precision Agriculture Drone


Drone volt, a French drone manufacturer that provides professional solutions in a variety of services and pilot training, has launched a new fixed-wing unit, a light and compact UAV dedicated to precision agriculture and construction work, “DV WING”. The company has specialised ...

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IoT-based precision agriculture reduces the guesswork in farming


“Whoever makes two ears of corn, or two blades of grass to grow where only one grew before, deserves better of mankind, and does more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together”. Steven Valenscin, ...

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Solar tag promises to lower the barriew for adoption of precision agriculture, smart irrigation


Sol Chip Comm (SCC) is an ultra-compact, maintenance-free, solar-powered tag that powers, controls, and wirelessly connects a wide variety of sensors to the cloud. “With our LightBattery technology, Sol Chip is uniquely positioned to realize our vision of enabling billions ...

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4 features needed for autonomy to succeed


The crowds around that Case IH tractor during the Farm Progress Show where it was first unveiled were big and interested. At first it was probably the novelty of a cab-less tractor sitting on a manufacturer lot, but later it ...

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Gathering and Reacting to Drone Data in Precision Agriculture

Drones Agriculture

Few people doubt the impact drones could have on the farm, partly because there are so many ways the technology can be leveraged. Whether it’s simple scouting or doing physical tasks like spraying a field, drones can represent an increase ...

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