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Here are given the recommendations on agriculture equipment applying. New agri devices description are presented.

Agri 2.0 precision Farming

Precision Farming is the new version of farming that will yield more in every aspect. More profit, more joy and better quality while operational costs are lowered. To gain most profit from Precision Farming you’ll need solutions that suit you ...

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The CX 6 Trident Row unit by Clean Seed

Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies, with its new highly advanced CX6 Trident Crossover Drill is an important advancement in agriculture is designed to replace current air drill technology. The Trident will offer an unrivaled level of precision in modern no-till seeding. ...

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Profitability of Variable Rate Fertilization

INTRODUCTION Grid soil sampling and variable rate fertilizer applications are a part of the precision agriculture movement that has captured the interest of many farmers. Variable rate fertilization requires extra expense and effort plus the use of often unfamiliar technology. ...

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Kinze Unveils New 4900 Series Planter for 2014

Williamsburg, Iowa (Feb. 13, 2013) – Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. unveiled its new Kinze 4900 planter series during a launch event at their world headquarters. With a new narrow transport front-fold frame design, 30” row spacing, and a choice of 12, 16, or ...

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