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Farm Management

Articles on farm management apps, plans and strategies are presented. Agribusiness survey results are offered.

Pioneer Field360 Select software

DuPont Pioneer is bringing the next generation of powerful Web-based field management tools to growers with the introduction of Pioneer Field360 Select software. This new subscription service combines field-by-field data with real-time agronomic and weather information to help growers make ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring: Vegetation Control

Now, agricultural sector shows raising numbers of M&A  transactions which are successful in terms of fundraising for  their  projects. It gives grounds for assuming that amount of the companies involved in agriculture would be reducing within the next few years, ...

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Space Profits

According to the agriculture market research provided by Ernst & Young, one third of Russian respondents put efficiency improvements on the second place of  their hierarchy of business priorities. Additionally, more than 90% of market players  agreed with the fact that ...

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Agri 2.0 precision Farming

Precision Farming is the new version of farming that will yield more in every aspect. More profit, more joy and better quality while operational costs are lowered. To gain most profit from Precision Farming you’ll need solutions that suit you ...

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Vegetation Control: Profitable Investment

Agricultural complex has always been one of the most significant propelling forces of the Ukrainian economy. Agriculture provides for 8% of total GDP, covering about 71% of the territory and 17% of working population employment. Meanwhile, in comparison with their ...

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