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Latest version of Cropio – a brand-new service for agricultural business management


The international company N.S.T. New Science Technologies Ltd. presents its new service, called Cropio – a system for a remote field management and vegetation control. Since creating a pilot version of a product back in 2009, N.S.T. New Science Technologies ...

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Manage Your soil tests efficiently


Use Cropio system to create soil maps, and retain all of your soil tests. Here is the least of new useful feature, which will make your agricultural operations management easier, precise and more efficient. Ability to generate your soil test maps ...

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20 Tips for No-Tilling


Think through the process. Kill the sod in the fall so that planting corn is easy in the spring. Practice wielding that no-till drill with cover crops during the fall. Start by planting no-till grain in fall after soy beans ...

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How we improved yield for 15% using farm management system


Introduction I am an agronomist for a large agricultural holding company that is responsible for over 250,000 acres (100,000 hectares) in the eastern part of Europe with crops consisting primarily of sugar beet, rapeseed, and maize. I left Canada to ...

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Top Efficient Agricultural Companies Survey


In our survey, we focused on production efficiency in mid and large-scale farms and companies involved in crop production (i.e. cultivating more than 5,000 acres or 2,000 hectares). Large-scale businesses usually have more opportunities for testing emerging technology and add ...

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Precision agriculture can increase profits and limit environmental impacts


Precision agriculture, also called site-specific management (SSM), is the management of an agricultural crop at a spatial scale smaller than the individual field. In many fields, the crop’s environment varies substantially from one part to another. Mineral nutrient levels, soil ...

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Review: Crop monitoring systems


Having a lot of fragmented information about satellite crop monitoring systems (SCM) we decided to make more detailed review and compare different solutions where it is possible. We took the most popular services available worldwide and compared them based on ...

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Claas Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine harvester


Model year 2014 Lexion 780, Claas’ biggest combine to date and its second class 10 model.  A 16L Mercedes-Benz engine peaks out at 590 hp to provide power to the largest crop headers on the market. Kollmeyer demonstrates the third-generation ...

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2014 John Deere 7290R


The John Deere 7R Series tractors were first introduced in 2011 and were a natural progression of the 7030 series. Both of these series have been proven performers for a wide range of chores around the farm or ranch. For ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring: Vegetation Control


Now, agricultural sector shows raising numbers of M&A  transactions which are successful in terms of fundraising for  their  projects. It gives grounds for assuming that amount of the companies involved in agriculture would be reducing within the next few years, ...

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