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Clean Sprayers To Prevent Problems

Over the course of a growing season, crop management often requires using a variety of pesticides or herbicides. Effective sprayer cleanup is an important part of the application process because unwanted spray from leftover residue can cause crop damage and environmental impacts.

“Some products leave residue. Depending upon what product is sprayed next, it could draw out active ingredients left in hoses or tanks,” says Jason Dannelly, of AgSpray Equipment in Fargo, North Dakota. “You could end up spraying something you don’t want.”

Cleaning out a spray tank helps dilute the active ingredient below damaging levels, deactivate the herbicide or totally remove the herbicide from the sprayer system. Experts advise farmers to pay attention to potential bottlenecks where dry or active ingredients could collect.

Whether it’s to prevent overspray, maximize application effectiveness or enhance the cleanup process, spray technology is putting more power at farmers’ fingertips.

Some new spray equipment includes cleanout components, like built-in pumps and separate rinse water tanks, to help make the process easier.

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