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Company at cutting edge of monitoring technology announces new feature

A company at the cutting edge of crop management has announced the launch of its newest feature, the controlling and monitoring of machinery.

New Science Technologies already produces and markets Cropio, which uses technology, including multiple satellites, to monitor large areas of agricultural land.

It is a farm management and vegetation control system, known to clients as telematics. Clients include PepsiCo, Monsanto and Bonduelle, the French-headquartered food service company.

New Science Technologies’ newest feature, called Maintenance Schedule, allows clients to also manage machinery as well as crops.

“As we have already learned, the key to success lies in communicating with our clients, listening to them,” said Anna Moren, the company’s product director. “The main idea of this feature is to provide for an effective management and control of all the machinery within the client’s company.

“We know they like Telematics module so why don’t we make it better?” Moren said. “Now, our customers can service their machinery items on schedule by generating vehicle service reminders, gauging fuel use and mileage, setting alerts for details replacement, etc.”

Cropio uses technologies that enable processing of data from multiple satellites over a huge agricultural areas, the company said. A client can arrange management of such areas from a single place.

“We monitor over 2 million hectares of land in Cropio,” Moren said. “Some of our biggest clients have over 300 thousands hectares of land in different countries. And they can manage them in front of a computer screen.”

The company introduced this new feature in order to make Cropio more universal and client-oriented, Moren said. It is in addition to the existing telematics system.

“This update will make Cropio a more efficient system,” Moren said. “Cropio’s latest feature prevents farmers from acquiring expensive equipment and tools to manage machinery items.”

New Science Technologies is an agriculture-directed company with R&D and processing centers in the US and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2008, NST developed its core product, the field management and vegetation control system, Cropio, to help its users to efficiently plan and carry out agricultural operations.

Price for the entirely web based Cropio service varies from $1 to $5 per hectare (from $0.40 to $2 per acre) per annum, depending on the size of a land the clients wants to monitor and the country they reside.

(Source – http://cropprotectionnews.com/stories/511005201-company-at-cutting-edge-of-monitoring-technology-announces-new-feature)

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