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Drones Being Tested To Fight Against Farm Pests

Australia is largely associated with its kangaroos and cute koalas. So, most people would rarely think of an Australia with farm pests like feral dogs, pigs, deer and rabbits. Farmers in Australia are fighting against such farm pests which have been attributed to extensive losses in Australian farms. In order to win such a tough war, there have to be highly innovative farm pest fighting techniques.

For years now, the Australian farmers have been using methods where they bait the pests or building structures that will lock all the farm pests out of the farms. Such strategies are realistically very hard to implement and Ninox Robotics, a recently established business has ventured in with modern, better and technology-driven methods of fighting off the farm pests from the Australian farms. Using drones fitted with military-class technologies, Ninox Robotics has developed farm pest fighting tools that will enable farmers to locate such pests and easily banish them from their farms.

Not only do the farm pests hinder Australia’s economic growth by disrupting the yields from the Australian farms, they have also been cited to be threatening Australian biodiversity. A report published by Ninox Robotics established that Australian farmers lost a large amount of their farm investment. In addition, the report estimated that Australian farmers spend up to four hours of productive farm work to fight off the farm pests.

According to Marcus Ehrlich, Ninox Robotics’ managing director, their application is the first to be applied in fighting of farm pests in the world. He adds that it is the first to use UAV technology in the field of agriculture.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technology for fighting farm pests that Ninox Robotics has developed is currently undergoing trials in rural Australian farms. The aims of the trials being undertaken by this Australian startup is confirm the claims of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a safer farm pest fighting methods being advanced by Ninox Robotics. These trials have been touted to be the most ambitious of civilian drone expeditions ever undertaken anywhere in the world.


Ninox screen

The Ninox Robotics drones has qualities that make them possible to meet the demands of fighting farm pests in Australia’s rural farmlands. These drones can fly for up to 4 hours in a range of over 50km from the control station. The drones can attain velocities of up to 120km/hour and can cover an area of 100km2. The drones can be customized to fit in all the different conditions of the rural farmlands of Australia. They can be fitted with a thermal image camera which is very effective in detecting the body heat of the pests making it easy for farmers to locate them for elimination. Fitted with the most recent technology, the drones can easily supply live streams of the real time events they capture and they are capable of explaining the types and number of pests that they locate.

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