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Equipment dealerships serving farmers

Recently, Van Wall Equipment and Schenkelberg Implement announced they have finalized an agreement for John Deere locations in Carroll, Denison, Onawa and Sac City to come together with the rest of the Van Wall organization.

Going forward, the four locations will begin operating as Van Wall Equipment, which will continue to sell and service John Deere agricultural, commercial and consumer needs in the area with an even broader set of resources and specialization.

“We are very pleased we have the opportunity to embrace the strength of the Schenkelberg organization, and to become part of these new communities,” Don Van Houweling, president and chief executive officer of the Van Wall Group said in a news release.

“We look forward to knowing and serving the customers who helped the Schenkelberg family build one of the great John Deere dealer brands in the Midwest. I have no doubt that by leveraging our scale and the strength of the teams already in place at these West Central Iowa locations, we will have the opportunity to continue to be just that in these great communities.”

Van Houweling is just one of hundreds of farm equipment dealers dedicated to serving farmers and keeping them up and running during busy seasons.

Van Wall Equipment dates back to 1944, when Wall Equipment was opened on Main Street in Woodward, Iowa. Today, Van Wall has grown into one of the largest dealerships in the United States.

Although 2015 was a challenging year for farm equipment sales, equipment dealers play an important role in the U.S. economy and in changing technology.

A few years ago, the U.S. agricultural equipment industry and its sales represented more than $82 billion worth of business, according to the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). However, sales have been down the past two years.

According to NAEDA, the industry supports a highly skilled labor force and is important on a state-by-state basis. In terms of employment and payroll, the industry carries a tremendous economic influence in Iowa, Missouri Illinois and other Midwestern and agricultural states.

Industry changes

Advancements in precision agriculture and equipment have kept farm equipment manufacturers and dealers moving forward. Farmers add new technology in order to save on inputs and increase efficiencies.

The global precision ag market will continue to advance as farmers maximize food production through 2019, according to a report by research group Technavio.

To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated from sales of precision farming products, including automation and control systems, sensing and monitoring devices and farm management systems.

According to the report, acceptance and adoption of any technology is influenced by return on investment and the farmer’s ability to bear risk. Despite the fact precision farming technologies have been available commercially since the 1990s, their awareness and uptake has been relatively slow.

However, with advances in socio-demographic factors like improved education and computer literacy among farmers, the adoption rate has increased in recent years.

“Awareness of the benefits of precision farming technologies, revealed in the form of improved yields and profitability, have provided the biggest incentive for their acceptance and adoption, driving growth in the market,” says Faizan Akhtar, a research expert for Technavio’s ag equipment research team.

With the growing global population, demand for food is rising but the size of arable land is decreasing. Farmers are facing the pressure of maximizing production within these limitations and are seeking progressive techniques to make farmlands more efficient.

These factors combined are expected to drive the popularity of precision farming technologies in the market, because they allow more effective management of farmland while increasing production in a sustainable manner.

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