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Farm Bureau releases big data survey results

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s recent survey on big data, increasing numbers of farmers get benefits from using new agricultural technologies, yet they remain wary of risks involved with data collection. More than 3,300 farmers participated in the survey.
The top three concerns about farm data included: liability, usage and privacy.
77.5% of farmers citing fear of regulators or government entities gaining access to their data without permission; and 76% of respondents were concerned about others using their data for commodity market speculation. And more than 81% believe they should retain ownership of their farm data.
Farmers cited positive results from using precision ag technology – primarily with the reduction of input costs. And more than half of survey respondents said they would invest in new or additional precision and data technology over the next year to two years.

(Source – http://farmindustrynews.com/precision-farming/farm-bureau-releases-big-data-survey-results)

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