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Fertilizer Management Software

As farmers/agricultural professionals, we have to deal with many uncertainties that are beyond our control, such as weather conditions, water availability, fertilizer prices, pests, plant disease and more.
In fact, one of the only factors that CAN be controlled is the way we use fertilizers. And this can make the difference between profit and loss. Success and failure.
How does it work?
Simply enter your specifications into the system; Smart! then processes the information and produces an optimal fertilization formula. This formula provides you precise directions for the fertilizers application, depending on your fertilizer application methods.
If you have soil, water and/or tissue test results, simply enter the results into the software and SMART! will give you a precise recommendation.

Design fertilizer Programs within minutes

Eliminate the guesswork and easily design fertility programs for your crops. SMART! instantly calculates and selects the ideal fertilizer mixture / blend, based on your water, soil, plant tissue, and crop nutrient needs.

Interprate Your soil, Plant and Water test results

Easily interpret your soil, plant and water analysis. SMART! analyzes the results and guides you about the best action to take. No more guessing.

Optimize fertilizer cost

Save up to 50% on fertilizer costs. The cost-optimization module enables budget control and better long-term planning.

Design fertilizer stock solutions

Unique solutions for fertigation and hydroponics – design of nutrient and stock solutions. Make sure you mix the right amounts of fertilizers and prevent compatibility and solubility problems.

Nutrient requirements

The comprehensive knowledge base embedded in SMART! addresses nutrient needs of hundreds of crops, at different growth stages.

Data analysis

SMART! enables you long-term planning. Manage and analyze your data and track vital statistics on information such as fertlizer consumption, trends in soil, water and plant tissue.

(Source – http://www.smart-fertilizer.com/haifa)


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