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How efficient scouting can improve crop yield

In the old days, efficient scouting was a matter of time spend in the field – the more you walked, measured and recorded – the better the chance you had not to miss a nonperforming area on the field; this is relative to the need for fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Today, you can scout more efficiently while spending times less time and energy by utilizing new technologies to assist you with scouting. This can be carried out starting from a simple notes/image applications like Farmlog or Connected Farm, and ending with full scale farm management systems like Cropio or Climete Corporation.

To explore the entire world of benefits of scouting with new technologies we select Cropio farm management as the basic tool.

Identify list of fields to be checked.

Cropio is using satellite images to detect the level of vegetation on each individual field. This allows for identifying fields with good and pure vegetation in close to real time.

We just select fields with the appropriate crop (in our case it is corn) and sort the list by the level of vegetation – all fields with a level of vegetation below the average are subject of our study and special attention.

Print HD field vegetation images.

When walking though the fields on the list with vegetation below the average, we opened HD vegetation images of each field and checked possible reasons for low vegetation.

Usually, it there are one or couple nonperforming areas on the fields – we printed such images with POIs on these fields.

Targeted scouting.

When you go out to review fields with low vegetation and fields with nonperforming zones.

On each particular field, you can add a comment or an image and attach it to that particular field, as well as put a different status in each POI or assign an operation to a field. All that can be carried out through the Cropio application.

At the end of the day.

You covered all fields and areas on the fields that required your attention; saved appropriate statuses and pictures in the field’s history and assigned the appropriate fieldwork to improve the vegetation process and finally improve your yield.

Do not overlook the vital use of new technologies in agriculture – it is not complicated, but rather it is efficient and the rewards are higher yields.


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