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Indispensable Keys to Keep Your Farm Safe during Harvest

A safe farm is not just the dream of a farmer and his workers. It is also their basic responsibility to ensure that the farm is a safe place to operate from at every time. This is emphasized more especially in high-activity seasons such as harvest so that the farmer, workers, road users and neighbors are also safe during harvest. This article is intended to bring to your attention four golden keys that will enable you achieve this ideal condition for your farm.

No overloading, please

At times, it is a very exciting and kind gesture to carry your spouse or kids on the combine or farm tractor. Please, make sure that you only accommodate a passenger on moving farm equipment if the machinery is fitted with an extra seat for that purpose. If not, please avoid it if you do not want to get involved in avoidable accidents on the farm. Cases of children falling over from moving and stationary combines are not new or strange. Keep your family safe and avoid the avoidable—accidents.

Observe grain bins caution

As grain bins are increasing in size and volume, grain entrapment is something that is becoming common. It is therefore advisable for farmers to avoid entering their grain bins while they are undergoing empting or filling. Moreover, every loading and offloading process has to stop before entering the bins. It is also a mandatory safety measure to wear a harness that is equipped with a lifeline so as to facilitate easier rescue should a farmer start to sink in the grains.

Maintain road safety

Road safety is one of the most important keys during such seasons as harvest. This season is marked by the movement of heavy farm machinery and equipment on the roads as they shuttle between farms and other destinations. Swathers, combines and heavy tractors will dot the roads and farms and all of these machines are slow movers.

It becomes the responsibility of the farmer and their workers, especially drivers to exercise a lot of caution and courtesy on the roads as they share them with other equal road users. This will guarantee the safety of other road users. The farmer needs to make sure that all the lighting systems of such heavy machinery are working properly.

In case the driver is moving heavy farm machinery late in the evening or early morning, they should have a pilot vehicle fully fitted with radio call contact to the machine operator so that the vehicle can safely navigate the operator.

Proper fuelling and servicing

Make sure that all the machines working on the farm are in their best working condition. Additionally, they also need to be fuelled full tank so that they don’t run out of fuel in the middle of the road and become a road safety scare and snare to other road users. Also ensure that the “biological tanks” of the operators of these heavy farm machines are also “fuelled full tank” so as to effectively and safely handle them.

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