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Irrigate-IQ Precision Irrigation Solution

  • Wireless control for pivot irrigation systems and pumps
  • Individual nozzle control for targeted water, fertigation, chemigation, and effluent application
  • Real-time data monitoring of pivot information and status
  • Variable rate irrigation and exclusion zones
  • Error reporting

Because every drop matters, every decision you make about irrigation is critical. With the Irrigate-IQ™ precision irrigation solution, you can precisely apply the right amount of water, fertigation, chemigation, or effluent in the right place—while minimizing nutrient and chemical runoff.

Use the Irrigate-IQ solution to control pivot irrigators, plan irrigation plans, perform variable rate irrigation, and receive reports. By enhancing your irrigation operation, you can ensure you’re doing what’s best for your crop and your farm.


  • Improve crop quality and yield
  • Optimize water resources
  • Increase water use efficiency
  • Minimize input costs of water, fertigation, chemigation or effluent
  • Reduce energy costs for fuel and electricity
  • Reduce trips to the field
  • Ensure even application to reduce run-off and leaching
  • Safely dispose of effluent while nurturing your field
  • Choose to apply water only to the best producing areas within a field


Irrigation System Monitoring

  • View pivot irrigation systems from the Connected Farm™ dashboard or Connected Farm Irrigate app to easily keep track of your applications in real time
  • View irrigation system locations, pivot speed, status (on/off), current voltage, variable rate and exclusion zones, and more to get an instant understanding of irrigation operations across your farm
  • Take immediate action to improve your irrigation operation

Irrigation System Control

  • Control your pivot irrigation system and pumps from any computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Monitor and control the direction, speed, and spray rate of your irrigation system to ensure optimal application of water, fertigation, chemigation, or effluent
  • Control end guns to ensure they apply beyond the pivot circle where required
  • Automatically control water application depths to account for field variability and crop demands and get water to where it matters the most

Variable Rate Irrigation and Exclusion Zones

  • Draw polygons or use an EC soil map to create your irrigation plan
  • Create and manage variable rate irrigation plans so you can apply the right amount in the right place
  • Perform accurate, targeted application at any point along your irrigation system’s path
  • Apply exactly where you want to with Irrigate-IQ’s individual valve control that signals valves to turn on and off to correspond with varying depths
  • Manage exclusion zones to ensure water, fertigation, chemigation or effluent is not applied in areas that don’t need it
  • Ensure optimal application outside of the pivot circle utilizing corner arm control with variable rate irrigation plans

Regulation Compliance

  • Stay within compliance by improving water use efficiency and reducing leaching
  • Optimize water resources by applying the right amount of water where it is needed
  • Responsibly fertigate and chemigate by applying the right amount where it is needed to reduce the risk of run-off

Safe Effluent Dispersal

  • Safely disperse effluent by ensuring even application and reduce the risk of leaching
  • Disperse effluent through your irrigation system, while controlling exclusion zones such as waterways, buildings, and fields occupied with stock
  • Maximize the benefits from the natural nutrients within effluent
  • Disperse effluent through your irrigation system without blocking or corroding valves

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