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Introducing: Zone Automation

Junge Control has just rolled out a new way to raise the standards of precision farming with Zone Automation. Junge Control is the leader in the industry of precise measuring, mixing and tracking dry and wet ingredients. The CEO of the company, David Junge, said that Zone Automation makes sure that each zone of a plant is designed to efficiently work with other zones, thus increasing accuracy, speed and ease.

Zone Automation pinpoints five operations surrounding the plant: Liquid Carrier Systems, Precision Inputs, Re-Packaging, Load-Out, and Command Center.

  1. Liquid Carrier Systems are the most precise that farmer’s can find. They are tested, repeatable and calibrated.
  2. Precision Inputs use NTEP-certified gear to measure weight (the most sure way to precisely measure). These devices are assembled and tested beforehand.
  3. Re-Packaging — Zone Automation can’t be beat. It is precise so that inventory management is exact. It recirculates the supply tank.
  4. Load-Out is a button-controlled system that is fast and easy. It can be self-automated around the clock during load-out.
  5. Command Center is a PC-operated and easy-to-use control system that is precise. It can come with the ability to automatically adjust free-fall calibration.

Zone Automation makes it so that calling in specialists to create and install (and come back to fix) equipment is now unnecessary.  “Today, a 10-year-old could install them!” Junge said. “There’s no need for out-of-state Master Electricians. You can easily install and support your plant equipment with your own staff, local electricians, local plumbers, local support. Making it simple means you keep running during ‘mission critical’ times, and don’t have to wait on out-of-state support.”

“This is the future and the path to greater accountability and more profit for ag retailers,” Junge said. “Every zone in an ag retailer’s plant is ‘mission critical.’ That means no matter where you are in the plant, it’s all about ‘up time’ and maximizing asset utilization. Zone Automation gives ag retailers the tools they need to ensure their customers are able to cover more acres every day, and have the precision and documentation to back it up.”

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