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John Deere L330 Large Scale Baler

Exclusive John Deere-designed double tie knotter system maintains bale integrity with high density bales.
High capacity inline rotor design has fewer parts to maintain and efficiently moves the crop into the precompression chamber.
Optional 10-knife precutter with hydraulic knife selection and protection.
83-inch pickup width for better crop retrieval.

Bale dimensions
Bale  3×3
Width  80 cm
 32 in.
Height  90 cm
 35 in.
Length  60 up to 300 cm
 24 up to 118 in.
Intake width  210 cm
 83 in.
Pickup diameter  34 cm
 13 in.
Number of tine bars 4-5  4
Tine spacing  6 mm
 1/2 in.
Bale chamber
Number of plunger strokes  45
Plunger stroke  69.5 cm
 27 in.
Density control  —
Bale chamber length  3 m
 10 ft
Control  ISOBUS (GS2 1800 or GS3 2630)
Knotting system
Number of knotters  4
Twine capacity (rolls)  30
Intake system
High-capacity rotor  X
Knives  10
Cutting length  70 mm
 2 3/4 in.
Knife protection  Spring
Wheels and axles
Tandem axle steered (optional)  500/55/20 or 550/45/22.5
Brakes system  Hydraulic
Machine dimensions
Length  7.8 m
 25, 7 ft, in.
Width  2.76 m
 9, 1 ft, in.
Height  2.7 m
 8, 10 ft, in.
Weight  7700 kg
 16,975 lb
Minimum tractor requirement  87 kW
 115 hp

L330 and L340 Large Square Balers (LSBs) come standard with double-tie knotters.
John Deere-designed knotters are designed for performance, reliability, and reduced maintenance requirements. The auto-lube system is integrated into the knotter frames, and two internal grease ports reduce the time spent on prebaling maintenance.
Intregration of the lube system block into the knotter frame reduces the number of grease lines required for each knotter.
Integrated grease block results in a reduction in the amount of grease lines required to grease the knotter system and the number of grease line connection points. Fewer feet of grease lines and fewer connection points mean less maintenance and more time baling.
In this series, the twine is stored in single-row twine boxes. The twine is then routed to the sealed gear tensioners. The sealed tensioner gears have been proven to provide more consistent twine tension during knot formation. This increases knotter performance and consistency. Once the correct bale length is achieved the tie system clutch is activated.
The John Deere-designed double-tie knotting system is gear and driveline driven to ensure the needle-to-plunger timing is maintained throughout the life of the baler.
The needle lift crank and clutch rocker arm are made of hardened cast iron to improve strength and durability of the knotter clutch. The gearbox drives the system around 360 degrees to complete a tie.
The airflow ramp allows for crop and debris to cleanly exit the knotter table. This increases knotter performance and decreases the amount of time required to blow off the baler.

The air ramp mates with the walk platform, which allows the crop to continue off of the baler. The walk platform also has a trap door, which allows access for clean out and for mounting accessories.

The split knotter frame is directly mounted to the intermittent gear,  to the frame can be dismounted without servicing the knotter stack.
If service to the knotter stack is required, the knotters are positioned using an adjustment screw instead of shims. This saves time by having the ability to make adjustments at any point of assembly.
Like the John Deere single-tie knotter, the billhook cam and wiper arm plate are removable and individually serviceable. This allows replacement without replacing large castings or assemblies.
Where competitors must adjust the wiper arm to the billhook with a hammer, the John Deere solution allows the setting to be made with two bolts. This allows a more precise and repeatable setting, which results in more consistent knot wipe offs.
Single-row twine boxes provide easy loading
John Deere large square balers single-row twine boxes are designed to make loading of twine easy to accomplish. Twine box height makes it easy for any customer to load twine without having to place twine balls over shoulder height.
Storage capacity of 30 balls of twine provide hours of baling without the need to refill.
Knotter fans keep knotters and the twine path clear of debris for reliable knotting

• John Deere knotter fans are designed for optimal airflow to keep the knotter table clean. Side ducts from the fan housing provide airflow down the side of the machine to keep the twine path from the twine boxes to the knotters clean.

(Source – http://www.deere.com/en_US/products/equipment/hay_and_forage_equipment/balers/large_square_balers/L330_large_square_baler/L330.page?)


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