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Manage Your soil tests efficiently

Use Cropio system to create soil maps, and retain all of your soil tests. Here is the least of new useful feature, which will make your agricultural operations management easier, precise and more efficient.

Ability to generate your soil test maps more efficiently

Cropio can quickly and expertly generate your soil maps based on your soil test data.

The Cropio system retains your soil maps and history of changes within your field card, so that you can utilize these to ensure better fertilizing and other agronomic decisions.

More data input equals a higher yield

Cropio also has an inbuilt comparison function that enables you to compare your soil maps and vegetation patterns of previous history. This enables you to better understand how your soil structure pattern impacts upon your yield.

Store all of your soil tests in Cropio

All of your soil tests data can be conveniently uploaded and stored in one place in convenient format. Additionally, Cropio stores all your soil tests both in aggregated format, average field format and GPS positioned format.

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