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MT700D | 335-382HP


MT700D tractors are powered by new AGCO POWER™ engines which deliver more power at lower noise levels with up to 10% better fuel economy. Industry-leading Generation 2, e³ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system offers even more fuel savings.

The efficient high pressure ‘common-rail’ fuel injection system helps maintain maximum efficiency and optimise the combustion temperature, to help reduce the production of Particulate Matter (PM).

A Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) removes the majority of any remaining PM in the exhaust gas, as well other air pollutants.

The Challenger MT700D Series are equipped with the only transmission in the industry developed specifically for use in rubber-tracked tractors.

Challenger-pioneered differential steering for rubber tracked tractors powers both tracks through the turn. Steering is simple and easy using a single spoke wheel, with built in ‘spinner ball’ for one-hand turning.

Full power is transmitted through the 16 forward and four reverse gears, ensuring the tractors are always operating at precisely the right speed for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Speeds are changed using just two clutch packs to engage each gear, which improves efficiency.


The MT700D Pinnacle view cab provides a quiet, spacious and air-conditioned workplace, helping to increase work quality, boost productivity and improve economy.
A large glass area provides an unrestricted view to the front and sides, while wide steps and a platform offer easy access to the Comfort seat, or the optional Semi-Active suspended seat.

Standard and optional lighting packages allow operators to maintain output after dark. Nightbreaker™ and Double Nightbreaker™ HID options are also available.

The easy to use Tractor Management Centre (TMC) provides MT700D users with unrivalled control. The 7.4in colour monitor is fitted to the front of the ergonomically-designed TMC Armrest. The display puts the operator in complete control by setting up, monitoring and controlling every tractor function.

The comprehensive One-Touch™ headland management stores up to 35 functions for eight different implements and replays these at the touch of a button.

The Intellitronics Network™ controls and executes functions from transmission, engine, PTO, hitch and spool valves and links  them together, ensuring the tractor runs at optimum productivity and economy.


All MT700D Series models are now equipped with new Challenger tracks. Depending on width required, these are available in General Ag specifications, which feature an extra inside rubber layer; as well as Extreme Agricultural and Extreme Application versions, which have two extra inside rubber layers. General Agricultural and Extreme Application tracks also now use a larger 0 degrees cable inside the carcass, which are now even stronger and more durable.
The unique, maintenance-free Mobil-Trac™ system transmits superior drawbar pull and power to the ground, thanks to the large contact area from the MT700D Series’ 2.4m long tracks (available in a choice of widths, market dependent).

With up to 14 tread bars in contact with the soil, Mobil-Trac™ tracks provide ultimate traction in both hard and soft conditions.  They also operate with very low slippage – between 3% and 5%.

The track’s large footprint distributes the  weight over a wide, long contact area reducing the pressure on the ground,  protecting the soil structure and helps cut  yield-sapping compaction.

The exclusive Opti-Ride™ suspension system provides extra comfort and allows each track to lift, independently, up to 150mm above the centre. Opti-Ride™ improves traction by allowing the tracks to rise up over obstructions while the pivoting and suspended mid-wheels mould into the surface, cushioning impacts and increasing grip.

All MT700D tractors now have new highly durable ‘poly mid-wheels’ with a hard-wearing polyurethane working surface. New bearings further extend working life and come with larger hub covers to hold more lubrication oil. New, clear sight gauges ease maintenance providing a simple and easy way to check levels.


The MT700D close-coupled, standard three-point linkage provides optimum balance and is built to handle heavy loads with ease, providing maximum lift capacity and height under straightforward electronic control.

It is simply operated via the tractor’s TMC display and all actions can be stored and replayed by the One-Touch™ headland management system.

PTO drive is also standard, making it ideal for the widest range of tasks. A standard swinging drawbar maintains superb manoeuvrability, which is further improved by a wide angle option.

The advanced closed centre, load sensing hydraulic system offers high capacity to operate even the most complex, modern machines. The unique Elevated Oil Reservoir (EOR) maintains oil flow and pressure at all times.

Four standard spool valves can be increased up to six and they are operated via the Intellitronics Network™ for optimal flow adjustment, precise modulation and quick response.


All MT700D Challengers are ‘AutoGuide™ ready’, simplifying installation of this output enhancing automatic steering option. This well-proven system provides significant increases in productivity by reducing overlaps and misses.

All the tractors are also ready-wired for AGCOMMAND™ telemetry. This easy-to-use, low cost option is a comprehensive remote monitoring, data recording and fleet management system that provides near real time access, via the mobile phone signal, to a huge amount of operating data that can be viewed on a secure internet page.

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