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New advanced tools for your farm: short overview

Lindsay FieldNet pivot control

Lindsay Corporation has announced a new controller that provides an economical way to upgrade existing pivots, giving growers full remote control. Pivot Control uses wireless communication to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of an operation. It’s compatible with almost any pivot.

In a matter of seconds, growers can check entire irrigation systems. The pivot control is mounted at the pivot point. In addition, it features 360-sector variable rate irrigation (VRI).  Growers can change variable control application amounts as well as automatic pump and and injector control.

Growers, agronomists and crop specialists have the ability to upload to FieldNet from most precision ag software platforms.

HarvestMaster GrainGage

HarvestMaster announced that its new H2 High Capacity GrainGage is now shipping. Designed to collect data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, the H2 GrainGage offers efficiency and data accuracy for agricultural field researchers.

Available for both single and split-plot combines, the H2 GrainGage features advanced technology to provide data accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and reduced maintenance for users. The system utilizes patented slope and motion sensors to minimize data errors due to combine movement and ground slope. This way, the H2 may continue to collect high-accuracy data without the operator needing to stop the combine.

The H2 also features a new design, with a new weighing system that can collect test weight, moisture, and plot weight measurements simultaneously, drastically reducing cycle time.

New camera drone

C-mi is what the company calls the first camera drone designed with real world usability in mind. Key features include:

Stow-able: The legs are designed to be removable to pack easily in a small case or backpack.

In unit camera system: C-mi HD camera system is all-inclusive and extends out of the body of C-mi at takeoff, and retracts in when landing. Enclosing the camera also has the added benefit of being weather-resistant.

Integrated flight, camera controller: Its digital user interface has been designed so that you can easily control the flyer, dynamically change the camera modes, view live video during flight, and directly share images and video – all from a single app.

Director mode: Simultaneously capture a scene from multiple vantage points. With the C-mi GPS and any smartphone, you can control and coordinate multiple positions for your C-mi.

Wireless data transferring: Move images and videos that are saved on C-mi to your laptop with no wires.

GPS tracker: Provides an external tracking reference so you can have C-mi follow where you might not want your mobile device to go. Remote audio capture: Record audio to your smartphone device seamlessly while the C-mi drone is recording from above.

ClearAg Irrigation Adviser from Iteris

Iteris, Inc. has announced new water resource management capabilities within the ClearAg suite of crop protection decision support software.

ClearAg Irrigation Advisor includes tools for monitoring field soil temperature and moisture for multiple layers, from the surface down to two meters of depth on a worldwide basis, as well as a comparison with historic values to help contextualize current conditions. This decision support system also provides irrigation tracking, pest and disease advisories, nutrient monitoring and crop growth stage advisories, all augmented by ClearAg’s precision weather and soil software analytics. Growers now have specific guidance to help determine when, where and how much irrigation to supply to any given field—in real time.

Growers can now benefit from Iteris’ water resource management diagnostics and advisory services directly via the ClearAg application, or as a data service through its ClearAg cloud-based application programming interfaces. The ClearAg Irrigation Advisor complements a suite of already-released advisory services for crop life-cycle management that support decisions in areas such as field accessibility, planting, harvest and crop canopy conditions—all specific to each field and each crop.

Aeros 9040 Field Computer from TeeJet

The Aeros 9040 Field Computer now offers additional capabilities including tip flow monitoring, ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT) functionality, and Wi-Fi data transfer.  This complements existing features such as guidance, auto-steering, video monitoring, variable rate application control, as-applied mapping, automatic section control (ASC), and droplet size monitoring.

Integrated tip flow monitoring detects plugged or missing spray tips and provides the operator with an immediate alert on the Aeros console and an illuminated LED on the boom for easy identification of the problem. Additionally, nozzle faults are recorded and mapped on the as-applied report.

ISOBUS UT capability allows the Aeros 9040 to integrate with other ISOBUS control modules on the machine and to provide a single console display. Aeros also offers the capability of displaying both guidance and application control on a single screen, further enhancing the operator experience.

The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity allows wireless 2-way job data transfer between the machine and the farm office when used with the TeeJet Fieldware Link application.

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