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New Holland CX5090 Combine

CX5090 Combine – Conventional harvesting efficiency and flexibility

The CX5090 combine harvester has been designed to significantly improve efficiency and productivity for mid-size farms between 200 and 600 hectares. It benefits from New Holland’s four-drum threshing solution, offering ultimate flexibility in all crops, from grain through to maize and specialist cultivations with guaranteed optimal grain and straw quality. The standard threshing drum and beater offer the traditional quality and performance you’ve come to expect of New Holland. The Rotary Separator is ideal for harvesting in difficult conditions and in crops of higher moisture content. New Holland’s patented Straw Flow™ Beater accelerates the crop onto the straw walkers for improved separation performance and greater straw flow.The Opti-Thresh™ system has been developed for operations which have varying straw quality requirements.The award-winning Opti-Fan™ system compensates for the gravitational affects on crops during harvesting.

Grain header
Cutting width High-Capacity grain header (m) 4.57 – 7.32
Extra-Capacity grain header (m) 6.10 – 7.32
Varifeed™ grain header (500mm of knife travel) (m) 5.18 – 7.32
High-Capacity Hillside grain header (m) 4.57 – 6.10
Knife speed (cuts/min.) 1150
Spare knife and spare bolted knife sections
Feeding auger with full-width retractable fingers
Reel diameter (m) 1,07
Electro-hydraulic reel position adjustment
Automatic reel speed synchronisation to forward speed
Hydraulic quick coupler (single location)
Maize headers
Flip-up maize headers Number of rows 6
Rigid maize headers Number of rows 5*** – 6
Remotely adjusted deck-plates


(Source – http://agriculture.newholland.com/ir/en/Products/combine/CX5000_6000/Pages/CX5090_modelversion.aspx#)

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