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New Precision Planting Tool Controls Liquid Fertilizer Application by Row

Precision Planting is entering the liquid fertilizer control arena to offer growers products that will help them execute their fertility plans more accurately—vApply and vApplyHD.

“We’re taking Precision hardware beyond the planter and combine and moving it to the sprayer, anhydrous bar, and sidedress bar,” said Justin McMenamy, Precision Planting engineering lead.

After noticing that even a brand-new sprayer could vary up to 30% in row-by-row application, the company set out to create a product that would be able to control granular or liquid application rate, as well as be flexible with changing application rates.

20/20 SeedSense SRM customers will be able to use vApply, an implement-wide control system, for their static and variable-rate prescriptions. The pump controller works with all brands of equipment.

vApplyHD is the first controller in the industry that has flow measurement and control in a single device, and it can be installed for row-by-row control or sectional control. The system understands and adjusts for turns, swath, automatic flow balancing, and variable-rate prescription execution.

“We are going to make sure each and every seed gets the fertility program that we designed for them,” McMenamy said.

The product can handle putting 3 gallons per acre down at 3 mph all the way up to 60 gallons per acre at 10 mph. Two vApplyHD modules can be used on each row if multiple applications are going down at once. With vApply you no longer need flow dividers, row swap valves, check valves on the row, orifices, or extra hoses on the implement.

“Liquid systems can be daunting,” said McMenamy. “With this combination (vApply and Precisions’ other new product,FurrowJet), farmers seem more willing to put liquid back on the planter.”

In 2016, vApply and vApplyHD will be beta tested in different geographic areas. If growers are interested in taking part in these tests, they should contact their Precision Planting dealer or start thinking ahead to 2017—when the systems should be released. Growers will be able to install the products themselves or install the technology through their dealers.

FlowSense, a flow sensor that works with 20/20 SeedSense to offer growers high-resolution maps of their liquid applications in real time, will also be tested this spring. This product will give farmers the ability to see application rate issues or blockages in the moment to ensure every seed gets the proper amount of treatment.

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