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Pest Prevention Tips

Some helpful tips for keeping pests at bay:

  • Pheromone traps hung in the orchard lure and trap codling moths before they mate.
  • Red spheres coated in non-drying glue and hung in fruit trees capture apple maggot flies.
  • Floating row covers (a lightweight, translucent fabric) placed over crops like cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots and melons, will keep egg-laying pests off the foliage. They also prevent cabbage loopers, carrot root maggots, flea beetles, cucumber beetles, squash bugs and many more. Be sure to remove the fabric when plants are in bloom to allow access to those precious pollinators.
  • Paperboard collars placed just below the soil level around new transplants will prevent stem-munching cut worms.
  • Place squares of corrugated cardboard in the lettuce patch. Earwigs will nestle in the tunnels at night and you can collect them in the morning.
  • To deter slugs, surround entire raised beds, or individual plants, with copper strips.  Slugs and snails sizzle when they contact copper because of a chemical reaction between something in their slime and the copper.
  • If raccoons and deer always seem to strip your corn the night before you’re prepared to harvest, place a radio playing an all-hours talk station in the garden each evening. It won’t work for more than a couple of days, so use it only for a few nights before harvest.
  • A single strand of electrified wireplaced about four inches above soil surface will keep groundhogs out of the garden. Plug-in chargers work better than solar-powered ones, but either is effective.
  • For prevention of soil-borne diseases, mulch well immediately after planting. Straw, hay, compost and even newspaper help prevent spores from splashing up on leaves. This is a great technique to control blight on tomatoes.
  • Powdery mildew, rust, anthracnose, blight, black spot and other diseases are readily spread by working in wet conditions and not cleaning pruning equipment properly. Sterilize clippers, loppers and saws with rubbing alcohol between plants.

(Source – http://www.hobbyfarms.com/crops-and-gardening/integrated-pest-management.aspx)

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