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Precise weather for your fields

Some farm management and record-keeping systems offer an opportunity to receive precise weather statistics and precise whether forecasts for each individual fields.

For example, systems such as Climate (Climate Corporation), Cropio, Farmlog made this specific tool available and affordable to ordinary users. They employ different approaches, but are focused on the same problem –giving the most precise weather forecast and weather history as possible.

The main principle remains the same – the system receives weather information from the nearest available weather station and local weather history forecast based on individual field coordinates.

Climate Corporation claims to apply sophisticated weather forecast models in order to predict not only weather forecasts, but the possible impact the forecasted weather may have on the yield.

Farmlog is about simplicity – it gives a limited amount of information, mostly weather statistics, but it has a look of simplicity and seems to be user friendly.

While the first two products are more focused on the US market, Cropio has better global coverage and apart from precision weather it can provide supplementary information – including soil moisture and vegetation dynamics. In addition, in Cropio users can connect to their private weather stations that significantly improve the level of precision.

All products have a system of notification adding more flexibility for decision making and quickly reacting to any weather change.

Weather forecasting becomes more efficient and precision – decreasing operational risks in agricultural business and today’s technologies made it affordable and practical to apply.

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