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Main tools of precision agriculture

Time management

Precision agriculture provides opportunity to save time regardless of Your farm size.  It makes Your agribusiness more productive and efficient, helps to increase yields.

Cost management

The range of  Precision agriculture tools is very wide, consequently it gives You possibility to avoid extra money spending. Such  instruments are available for seed operations, fertilization, crop protection, irrigation and agriculture machines.  Everything happens fast, logically and in any time You need.

Less damage to the environment

Precision agriculture helps to minimize agriculture impact on environment by reducing pollution and runoff.  Also the big advantage of this king of farm management is that it makes lower chemical usage and minimizing overpaying. It happens, because all agriculture steps are made just in the fields and areas where there is the real need to do that.

Usual tools of precision agriculture include:

  • Telematics.
  • Satellite crop monitoring
  • Precision weather (local weather stations)
  • Variable rate farming equipment

Further benefits of precision guidance include far more accurate tilling and seeding, so that less soil is disturbed, because farmers are only tilling the exact areas needed.
This also translates to lower time, energy and resource inputs. Machines and implements are precisely controlled to run on exactly the same swathe spacing, so there are no gaps or overlaps.

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