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Top Efficient Agricultural Companies Survey

In our survey, we focused on production efficiency in mid and large-scale farms and companies involved in crop production (i.e. cultivating more than 5,000 acres or 2,000 hectares). Large-scale businesses usually have more opportunities for testing emerging technology and add value from it.

As the use of technology significantly varies from region to region we made a list of the most efficient companies in each of the following regions: USA and Canada, Latin America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) and Australia.

We conducted our survey and rating using the following agricultural technologies:

  • GPS Tracking,
  • Satellite Crop Monitoring,
  • Variable Rate Application,
  • Field Sensors,
  • Yield Maps,
  • Auto-guidance Equipment,
  • Variable Spraying.

US and Canada

Companies in these regions are very open to new technology – to try out on their farms, but commercial use of certain agricultural technology is limited due to its highly sophisticated nature. If a certain technology, for example, VRA or SCM, requires a month of education and seasons for validation – a farmer supervising over 250 acres (100 ha) will most likely skip over that opportunity.

Our Top Efficiency List for US and Canada:

  1. CHS Inc.
  2.  Graint Western Grain Co. Ltd.
  3. Kelburn Farm (Richardson’s)
  4. Cargill Inc.
  5. ADM Agri-Industries Company
  6. Premier Grain farm 
  7. Stewart farms partnership 
  8. DandyLand Farm
  9. Paul’s grains 
  10. Al Dahra Agricultural company

Latin America

Mid and large scale agricultural businesses in the Latin American region showed a very conservative approach in technology use for production of cash crops (wheat, corn and soybean). Companies involved in production of specific crops, like sugar cane, coffee beans and fruits are more reluctant to implement new technologies focused on a particular crop, but such technologies were not part of  our survey.

Our Top Efficiency List for Latin America region:

  1. Cosan
  2. Genagro (former Agrifirma Brazil) Ltd.
  3. Grupo Los Grobo
  4. AdecoAgro S.A.
  5. MSU
  6. BrazilAgro (Companhia Brasileira de Propriedades Agrícolas)
  7. Cresud S.A.C.I.F y A
  8. El Tejar Corp.
  9. Tiba agro S.A.
  10. SLC Agrícola


Most large-scale agricultural businesses in the region are located in Russia and Ukraine, where you can find huge agricultural holdings with cultivated land banks 2.5M+ acres (500k hectares). Such large-scale businesses are more likely to use different agricultural technologies as this approach yields a material effect: for example, a sophisticated GPS tracking center – while other technologies have no alternatives for large land banks comparable to satellite crop monitoring.

Our Top Efficiency List for EMEA region:

  1. Agroinvest Group (Black Earth Farming Ltd.)
  2. MHP (Mironivsky Hliboproduct) Group
  3. Trigon Agri AS
  4. Kernel Holding S.A.
  5. KZP Group (Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group)
  6. Privat-Agro-Holding
  7. Razgulay Group
  8. Cherkizovo Group
  9. Astarta Group
  10. UkrLandFarming P.L.C.


Farms and companies on the continent are going in their own direction and in some areas they are much more developed than old world agriculture. We have seen extended use of satellite technology – not only in terms of GPS tracking and crop monitoring, but for day-to-day planning, soil sampling, VRA and crop rotation. Australia has its own method of integrating new technologies into daily operations and experimenting with the nonstandard technology in agriculture.

Our Top Efficiency List for Australia region:

  1. CBH group 
  2. AAco
  3. Wellard agri farms
  4. Hassad Australia Pty Ltd.
  5. Glencorn Group
  6. GrainCorp
  7. Mulgowie Farming Company (Mulgowie)
  8. Tandou Ltd.
  9. Westchester Group Investment Management Inc.
  10.  Beidahuang Group


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