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Precision application monitoring

The folks at SureFire Ag Systems have introduced a new Multi Flow sys­tem, which is an electromagnet flow-meter with no moving parts that moni­tors up to 48 rows on an implement while applying liquid product. Farm Industry News got an overview of the system at the National Farm Machinery Show in February.

The precision system offers a visual alarm when a line is plugged, but there are other views on the monitor as well. The user can set the percentage of the target application rate, and the system will provide visual alerts if the sprayer deviates from the target.

Flow range is between 10 and 200 ounces per minute. And every row is monitored with a graph and numerical readout in GPA. More precise monitor­ing of application will help save money, too. The company says the accuracy is 0.5% of full scale.

(Source – http://farmindustrynews.com/precision-farming/precision-application-monitoring)

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