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Smart Farming is for the Future

Today, the art of farming has changed considerably. You cannot rely on the centuries old methodology anymore. Thinking outside of the box has to be the way to go, and for that, technological advancements related to agriculture needs to be looked into. Climate changes, population growth and scarcity of resources have increased the competition among farmers.

To cater to this, Smartphone applications are an ideal way out in terms of equipping the farmers with the latest information related to farming. Various unmanned aerial carriers can be helpful in controlling crop picking. In order to increase production and monitor the farms continuously, there are plenty of geospatial devices that are currently available in the market.

Precision farming comes with the following characteristics:

  • It isn’t about harvesting the crops, but latest technology and mapping technique is also integrated into the geospatial agriculture methodology
  • With the help of soil sensing technology, the extent of soil productivity can easily be known
  • With the use of technological features, efficient use of fertilizers and chemicals is possible
  • The benefit of agro-chemicals is that they can be used as and when required
  • Many new techniques such as spreaders and sprayers, controllers, sensors, electromagnetic induction techniques, geospatial and ultrasonic sensors along with remote sensing methodology can also be employed.

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