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Smart record-keeping

How does your record-keeping impact your yield? Can you answer this important question? If you cannot – stop doing it.

In this article we show you how today’s technology offers a more sensible approach to routine record keeping, makes the process easier, in addition to smarter and more helpful.

To be more practical we tested record-keeping module of Cropio farm management system, but all of the features (or almost all) described below are available in any other modern record-keeping system.

Easy to record 

An intuitive interface keeps track of all types of work and statues allowing you to assign these in one or two clicks.

No need to duplicate records

All major data can be recorded on a mobile application and automatically downloaded to central storage.

Available from anywhere on a 24/7 basis

All data is kept in central cloud storage and is available via internet from any computer or mobile device. For example, you can be in the middle of the field and directly from your smartphone view the “field history” and check the amount of fertilizers you used in a specific field area.

Complementary information

The system we tested automatically downloads a set of additional data for each particular field:

  •  Level of precipitation;
  •  Soil temperature;
  • Weather;
  • Level of vegetation of the field;
  • Soil moisture.

And you can have a clearer picture about what influenced the yield and make appropriate decisions based on such information.

Images of your fields in the field history

You can take a photograph of your field which is automatically downloaded and kept in the “field history” along with your comments on the image.

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