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SST Softwate: Sirrus

Access via the Web or Download the iPad App
Sirrus is available in two versions. Currently, the web app and iPad app differ in functionality and user access.
Sirrus Web App
The Sirrus web app is accessible on current browsers for select FarmRite users. Log in to Sirrus to access weather features, map layers and statistical reports of field history, soil types, and management zones.
Sirrus iPad App
The Sirrus iPad app allows users to collect & store data while in the field without the need of an internet connection, then upload the data when back in the office. Click here to download within iTunes.

Sirrus Features

Boundary collection. Collect field boundaries using GPS or geo-referenced imagery. Access the Common Field Boundary feature to eliminate boundary duplication.

Soil sampling. Produce soil sampling schemes by grid or zone. Swipe through the points to form a guidance route; then get to bagging & tagging!

Weather. View current conditions, radars, forecasts, & precipitation maps. Historical precipitation & growing degree days coming soon.

Native Web or App. Access Sirrus via the iPad app or through the Sirrus website. Data collection features available only within the native app.

Data exchange. Send a map layer to a colleague via a data bullet shapefile or exchange data via predefined administrative relationships.

Secure backup. Ensure that your field data is secure and ready to use in analysis reports for the current season and years to come.

Coming Soon to Your Sirrus:

  • Crop scouting
  • Information reports
  • Communication wall
  • Nutrient Recs
  • Cost tracking
  • Yield

(Source – http://www.sstsoftware.com/products-services/sirrus/)

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