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Mobile apps for corn growers


The role of new technologies is inceasing in all sphears of our life and agibusiness is not an exeption. It is even hard to name all innovations, which changed the principles of farming for the last 20 years. Now we ...

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New York Corn: How Early Can We Plant Now?


The average corn planting date is considerably earlier now compared to 25 years ago, especially in the Midwest USA. In NY, planting is earlier than ever but still lags behind most upper Midwest states. Certainly, the soils in the upper ...

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6 Questions to Help Plan Your 2015 Corn Strategy


Despite picture-perfect weather in many areas, 2014 wasn’t without peril. Prolific rainfall peppered areas like northwestern Iowa. Disease thrived. Meanwhile, plunging crop prices zapped 2014 profit potential. So what’s up for 2015? Here are some questions – with answers – ...

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Measuring and Reducing Corn Harvesting Losses


Corn left behind when the field is combined represents a loss of profits. Combine losses cannot be reduced to zero, but skillful operators can reduce losses to an acceptable level without affecting the rate of combining. Until corn harvesting losses ...

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Planting Corn at Warp Speed Using High-Tech Tools


Farmer Jim Walter prepares to plant in a corn field near DeKalb, Ill. Tony C. Dreibus/The Wall Street Journal Jim Walter’s tractor steered itself as he sat in the cab, scanning a computer screen showing corn seeds pumping into his ...

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Organic vs. conventional farming: Which uses less energy


The environmental impact of a product is too complex to cover comprehensively in a few hundred words, so I began with one aspect of it, land use, and looked at how recently released data shows that conventional farming produces more food ...

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Keeping Soybeans In The Crop Rotation


There are a number of advantages for rotating corn with soybeans rather than planting continuous corn. Agronomists have talked for years about the advantages of crop rotations, but recent market prices and the relative productivity of soybeans compared corn often ...

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Precision irrigation technology allows farmers to boost corn/bean yields while using less water


Most farmers don’t need a yield monitor to tell them their soils are anything but uniform. They know one area of a field may respond differently than another even if they receive the exact same inputs, including water. Until recently, ...

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Harvesting corn


Pick corn at the milk stage The only way to really know if your sweet corn is ready to harvest is by pulling back part of the husk and checking the kernels. If milk spurts out of a kernel of ...

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How planter speed affects plant spacing


How critical is plant to plant spacing for corn? Past research has shown variable results, with some results showing that for every 1 inch in variation from the targeted spacing, yields were reduced 2.5 bushels per acre. Other researchers report ...

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