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Company at cutting edge of monitoring technology announces new feature


A company at the cutting edge of crop management has announced the launch of its newest feature, the controlling and monitoring of machinery. New Science Technologies already produces and markets Cropio, which uses technology, including multiple satellites, to monitor large ...

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New word in crop monitoring and farm management from Cropio


Upload your drone images to Cropio Cropio has recently started the usage of images taken by drones. Now clients can upload drone taken images directly into Cropio. Drones interact with Cropio by feeding it with rich, detailed and timely geo-tagged ...

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7 Ag Apps for Your mobile


Too much of a good thing? There are hundreds of potentially helpful mobile apps farmers could use, with more being added all the time. Here are some of the newer agriculture apps that hope to earn a roster spot on ...

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How we improved yield for 15% using farm management system


Introduction I am an agronomist for a large agricultural holding company that is responsible for over 250,000 acres (100,000 hectares) in the eastern part of Europe with crops consisting primarily of sugar beet, rapeseed, and maize. I left Canada to ...

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How efficient scouting can improve crop yield


In the old days, efficient scouting was a matter of time spend in the field – the more you walked, measured and recorded – the better the chance you had not to miss a nonperforming area on the field; this ...

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Review: Crop monitoring systems


Having a lot of fragmented information about satellite crop monitoring systems (SCM) we decided to make more detailed review and compare different solutions where it is possible. We took the most popular services available worldwide and compared them based on ...

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Precise weather for your fields


Some farm management and record-keeping systems offer an opportunity to receive precise weather statistics and precise whether forecasts for each individual fields. For example, systems such as Climate (Climate Corporation), Cropio, Farmlog made this specific tool available and affordable to ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring: Vegetation Control


Now, agricultural sector shows raising numbers of M&A  transactions which are successful in terms of fundraising for  their  projects. It gives grounds for assuming that amount of the companies involved in agriculture would be reducing within the next few years, ...

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Space Profits


According to the agriculture market research provided by Ernst & Young, one third of Russian respondents put efficiency improvements on the second place of  their hierarchy of business priorities. Additionally, more than 90% of market players  agreed with the fact that ...

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