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Drones – The Farm of the Future


Drones are taking the agricultural world by storm, and in a short space of time it will be a common sight to drive past a farm and see the fields being surveyed by drones. They will become commonplace farm machinery ...

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Multispectral Imaging Drones In Farming Yield Big Benefits


Agriculture Drones with multispectral imaging sensors allow the farmer to manage crops and soil more effectively. Multispectral remote sensing technology use Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared wavebands to capture both visible and invisible images of crops. The multispectral images ...

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Drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor

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The robots are invading — from above. A new report from PwC finds that drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labor and services across several industries. Infrastructure and agriculture make up the largest chunks of the potential value — ...

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Drones much more than toys for farmers

farm drone

Drones have captured the public imagination with much the same fervour as might a toy at Christmas. “People love them,” drone expert Arko Lucieer, associate professor in remote sensing at the University of Tasmania, says. “People just love the novelty of ...

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University of Minnesota collaborates to develop UAS software


A collaboration between the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering and Sentera LLC is good for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) applications in precision agriculture, but bad news for soy bean aphids. Sentera—a sensor, software and drone company based ...

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Drones: The data managing challange


The promise of the unmanned aerial vehicle could be realized in 2016 as the Federal Aviation Administration firms up rules and more farmers and consultants get access to these high-flying tools. Yet the new technology with all its ability to ...

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Drones as common as tractors? Farm technology in 2025


In a shed near Toowoomba, researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are developing the tools and techniques they think will dominate farming practice by 2025. The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment executive manager Kevin Norman said the University ...

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Drones and new applications for precision agriculture


On a recent summer morning on the plains of western Kansas, 50 farmers and new technologists gathered at the edge of a corn field to learn about using drones for farming. Sponsored by the Kansas Agriculture Research and Technology Association, ...

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