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Everything You Need to Master Precision Agriculture


The definition of precision agriculture is fairly simple: using precision data about your farm to make changes that will optimise yield improvement while reducing waste and preserving resources. So why is it so difficult to get started in? There are ...

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Preseason planter repair


Planter design may have transformed, and seed technology may have advanced of late. What hasn’t changed, however, is the paramount necessity for a preseason inspection and maintenance on seeders, insists Kevin Kimberley. Kimberley should know. He has an in-depth relationship ...

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Equipment dealerships serving farmers


Recently, Van Wall Equipment and Schenkelberg Implement announced they have finalized an agreement for John Deere locations in Carroll, Denison, Onawa and Sac City to come together with the rest of the Van Wall organization. Going forward, the four locations ...

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Questions you need to ask when considering biologicals


The rapidly evolving science of soil health, with its explosive growth in knowledge of soil biology combined with high crop prices, fed the fire of biological innovation. New products have entered the market at an unprecedented rate with more on ...

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Take 6 Steps to Grow Your Farm


Gary Nelson of Fort Dodge, Iowa,started farming with his wife Karma just out of high school in the early 1970s. Over time, he’s learned many lessons, but one that sticks out occurred early in his career as a Farmers Home ...

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Precision ag is about whole farm management

ag mobile

Although some may think of precision agriculture largely in terms of machinery and technology, Steve Phillips thinks of it on a larger scale. A farmer works a field. Steve Phillips, director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute North America, says ...

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Best soybean management ideas


Five tips to take soybean management to the next level: 1.Start planting earlier. “Soybeans are all about sunlight,” Ben says. “We started the end of April, early May.” This was about two weeks earlier than normal, which meant, in many ...

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Manage Your soil tests efficiently


Use Cropio system to create soil maps, and retain all of your soil tests. Here is the least of new useful feature, which will make your agricultural operations management easier, precise and more efficient. Ability to generate your soil test maps ...

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How high-tech farming will reshape agriculture


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released its analysis of all agricultural patents registered worldwide between 2010-2014. In addition, the group conducted interviews with farmers and industry experts in order to examine how smart farming systems (GPS-guided drones and other equipment, smart ...

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Is Record Keeping Really Key to Farm Management?


At the beginning of each new year, people make new resolutions to make their life better. For farmer’s, better record-keeping should always be on the list of resolutions. Modern farming is a business much more than it has been historically. ...

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