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Precision Brings Economic and Environmental Benefits


A new generation of growers called “precision farmers” are relying on data collected from aerial and satellite remote sensing imagery to assess the current state of their fields and manage nutrients in real time. Along with Geographical Information System (GIS) ...

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Development of map data for precision agriculture


For past three years scientists at TARI have been using satellite imagery, aerial photography, and GIS (geographic information systems) mapping software to quantify type, spatial distribution and status of crops throughout the field in nine counties. The mapping information is ...

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Satellite Mapping


The Need for Better Information Development and exploration in previously remote parts of the world are creating an increasing demand for current land topography and land-use maps, as well as for other information products.  These maps are critical to a ...

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Precision Agriculture at a Glance


Precision agriculture – an information and technology based farm management system to identify, analyze and manage variability within fields by doing all practices of crop production in right place at right time and in right way for optimum profitability, sustainability ...

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Pracision agriculture cornerstones


The cornerstones of precision agriculture technology include the Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and variable rate equipment and controllers. The potential impact to producers is reduced pesticide and nutrient use and thereby reduced input costs. Spatial-based information ...

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Adopting Agricultural GIS Software


Agricultural GIS (Geographic Information System) software provides the capability to download, store, and analyze spatial data plus generate various field and prescription maps. GIS data and maps can be used in creating management zones or grids, variable-rate application, planting decisions, ...

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Trimble Introduces New Agriculture App for Fleet Management


Trimble Introduces New Agriculture App for Fleet Management SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 24, 2013—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the Connected Farm™ Fleet app built to serve managers and technicians by enabling them to access their fleet information from any location. Using ...

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Satellites in Agriculture


Nowadays it is hard to impress somebody with satellite launching. Though just 60 years ago it was like a fantastic tale. Nobody thought that it can be possible to see the photos of your house, street or field made from ...

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Satellite Crop Monitoring System in Pakistan


Pakistan is a country of diverse agro-climatic regions. The climate is  predominantly arid to semi arid. The mighty Indus and its tributaries have  facilitated the establishment of a network of dams, barrages and a profuse delivery system of water supplies. ...

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