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Robot attempts nitrogen sidedress, cover crop seeding


A big challenge – nitrogen management – could have a small solution. Rowbot Systems, a Minneapolis startup company, has developed an multi-platform robot that, among other things, can side-dress nitrogen in tall corn. The high-tech firm, founded in 2012, demonstrated a ...

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Uses of GPS in Agriculture and Farming


GPS Use in Agriculture: Tractor Guidance: Farmers can not put their tractors on auto-pilot. If they plow their fields with a recording GPS system the tractor can then be programmed to follow the same route – for cultivating, fertilizing, pest ...

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Precision Agriculture at a Glance


Precision agriculture – an information and technology based farm management system to identify, analyze and manage variability within fields by doing all practices of crop production in right place at right time and in right way for optimum profitability, sustainability ...

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Pracision agriculture cornerstones


The cornerstones of precision agriculture technology include the Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and variable rate equipment and controllers. The potential impact to producers is reduced pesticide and nutrient use and thereby reduced input costs. Spatial-based information ...

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GPS Applications in Crop Production


The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides opportunities for agricultural producers to manage their land and crop production more precisely. Common names for general GPS applications in farming and ranching include precision agriculture, site-specific farming, and prescription farming. GPS applications in ...

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The use of GPS and mobile mapping for decision-based precision agriculture

john deere

Management Strategy Most management strategies for precision agriculture match resource applications and agronomic practices with soil properties and crop requirements as they vary across a site. Sometimes referred to as site-specific or prescription application and generally includes: Soil sampling – ...

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The Farm Navigator G6 is a compact, portable GPS solution


The G6 GPS (Global Positioning System) can be used on the farm as well as on the roads. The G6 GPS system tracks treated areas so overlapping does not occur, saving time and money for the user. Warning lights will appear on ...

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Precision agriculture can increase profits and limit environmental impacts


Precision agriculture, also called site-specific management (SSM), is the management of an agricultural crop at a spatial scale smaller than the individual field. In many fields, the crop’s environment varies substantially from one part to another. Mineral nutrient levels, soil ...

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Autofarm GPS Precision farming: ParaDyme


Product Solutions With the introduction of the ParaDyme System, AutoFarm now offers you a complete line of precision ag products, ranging from entry level to professional farming. The ParaDyme System offers GPS guidance from mechanical assisted steering to sub-inch, repeatable ...

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Farmers now using Satellites for Ease and Precision


High-tech equipment is becoming more and more available for many aspects of the agriculture business. For instance, now a farmer can get an automatic tractor or combine harvester that runs on satellite-created maps. They can run automatically while the farmer ...

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