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Emerging Agriculture Technologies That Will Change the World

Technological advancement has really changed many aspects of life. Today, almost every sector is run and managed through a certain aspect of technology. The agricultural sector, commonly known as being the backbone of many countries’ economic growth and development has ...

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Whats Driving Driverless Tractors

Driverless tractors are becoming less futuristic and more in reach for every day farmers. Companies developing driverless vehicles that rely on sensors, GPS and precise data include Goldman Sachs, Autonomous Solutions Inc., and Hitachi. But what problems are they really ...

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3 Extraordinary Ways Drones Are Driving Smart Agriculture

Drones are no longer a fantasy, far off in the distant future. They are here! And they’re ready to get to work. Farmers face a lot of struggles daily but drones might be the solution they’ve been waiting for. Worldwide ...

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7 tech trends we gleaned from the National Farm Machinery Show

Even though the market for farm machinery is still down this year, manufacturers aren’t putting a cap on innovation.  It’s a message that most anyone who attended the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show would have to walk away with. This ...

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Will Robots Replace Herbicides on the Farm

Weed control today is hardly perfect. Hand-weeding is tedious. Chemical control is costly and can succumb to resistant weeds over time. So why not build a robot to get the job done? That idea may seem frivolous or futuristic, but ...

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Drones as common as tractors? Farm technology in 2025

In a shed near Toowoomba, researchers at the University of Southern Queensland are developing the tools and techniques they think will dominate farming practice by 2025. The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment executive manager Kevin Norman said the University ...

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