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NDVI and satellite crop monitoring

The use of technology in agriculture has become the norm of modern agriculture. It is the new way to improve production while at the same time reducing the cost involved. Normally, the use of the right technology in agriculture will ...

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Misconceptions about UAV-collected NDVI imagery and the Agribotix experience in ground truthing these images for agriculture

While UAVs or drones represent excellent tools for collecting images to identify problems and supplement crop scouting in agriculture (blog post to come about how our customers use Agribotix drones for their crop scouting needs), a consensus has not been ...

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NDVI in agriculture

Using maps of vegetation indices created based on space images. It is known that the crop canopy reflection in red and near-infrared zones of the electromagnetic spectrum depends on its green phytomass. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is widely used ...

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